4 Things We Absolutely Love About The Honda HR-V


We are in love with the new Honda!

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4 Things We Absolutely Love About The Honda HR-V
These past couple of years, we’ve seen the sport-utility vehicle (SUV) market explode; the demand for SUVs has significantly increased over the years.

Gone are the days where consumers would settle for a four-door sedan, because they can get the same – if not more – with an SUV.  

That being said, in a market littered with SUVs, it’s fair to say that it takes quite a bit to stand out from the pack.

Thankfully, the new facelifted Honda HR-V has the complete package to be the best in its class: from its sporty new look to its safety features; it ticks all the boxes when it comes to performance and styling.

Here are four things we absolutely love about the Honda HR-V:

#1 A crossover for everyone

How often can you say that a carmaker tailor makes a compact SUV for what you want? Yup, that’s right; the Honda HR-V has different variants of the model to suit your driving style.

For those of you who want a no-fuss compact SUV, the Honda HR-V is the one for you. The HR-V comes with a 1.8-litre petrol engine and a continuously variable transmission (CVT). It also comes equipped with paddle shift, smart entry with push start button and cruise control.

If you want to set yourself apart, the new variant of the Honda HR-V RS will do the job. The RS version has all the features of the Grade V, but with added extras: full leather upholstery with ivory finishing, an eight-way driver power seat (also available in the V variant), stylish anti-slip sport pedal and on the outside, sport type front grille and mesh type front fog garnish.

All in all, the HR-V RS is for all you sporty types out there.

The new variant that comes with the facelifted HR-V is the Honda HR-V Hybrid. The first hybrid compact SUV in Malaysia, the HR-V Hybrid runs on the Sport Hybrid i-DCD system which ensures optimum fuel efficiency and an exhilarating performance.

It is powered by a high-power lithium ion battery and a 1.5-litre DOHC i-VTEC engine with direct injection, which, when put together, is the equivalent of a vehicle with a 2.0-litre engine. We're impressed! 

On the inside, the HR-V Hybrid features a cutting-edge Shift By Wire gearstick designed specifically for Honda Hybrid vehicles and also a 3D Illuminated Meter Cluster that shows your car’s energy flow and consumption.

Oh, it also boasts a Sport Mode, so you can experience superior driving performance on the highway.

#2 Bringing sexy back

We’ll just put it out there: the facelifted Honda HR-V is one sexy-looking compact SUV. With its sharp curves and overall meaner exterior, the RS variant of the HR-V features a styling redesign that focuses more on its sporty appeal.

The HR-V sports a sportier chrome front grille and sharper, more angular auto LED headlights complete with LED daytime running lights (only available for the RS and V variants), giving it a meaner front end. The side and the roof and the roofline are noticeably curvier too.

The aesthetic changes make the HR-V look sportier and more sedan-like than a boxy SUV crossover.

Also, if you opt for the RS variant, you’ll get 18-inch dual-tone alloy wheels for that extra sexiness! We like!

On the inside, you’ll get a 7-inch multi-entertainment display (for Grade V and RS variants only), leather gear shift lever and a customisable ambient meter.

#3 The generous amount of space

What good is a compact SUV when you don’t have a tonne of space, right? Don’t worry about the HR-V though, because it has all the space you need.

The HR-V boasts class-leading cabin space, in terms of legroom and boot space. With the rear seats up, the HR-V has 437 litres of boot space. When the seats are folded, the number jumps to 1,032 litres.

Although the HR-V Hybrid variant (404 litres with seats up, 991 litres with them down) takes up a little bit more space, it is still more spacious compared to other compact SUVs in the segment.

The HR-V also comes with three customisable multi-utility cargo space modes: tall mode, long mode and utility mode. You can now safely shop for furniture at IKEA without having to worry about how to transport it back.

#4 The safety features that will keep you safe

The Honda HR-V comes with the advanced safety features you can expect from a classy SUV: six airbags, multi-angle rearview camera, Electric Parking Brake, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) feature and your usual Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) and the Auto Brake Hold (ABH) function.

On the V and RS variants, the Honda HR-V also boasts the state-of-the-art LaneWatch system. LaneWatch on the passenger side helps you reduce blind spots so that you can change lanes safely.

Any time you flick your signals, the cameras will turn on at the multi-entertainment display, so that you know when’s the perfect time for you to switch lanes.

The pricing for the Honda HR-V starts from RM108,800** for all variants. For more information, head on over to Honda Malaysia’s official website.

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