#KLEncounters Is Taking Over Twitter And The Stories Are Spooky!

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#KLEncounters Is Taking Over Twitter And The Stories Are Spooky!

If you're into spooky stories, you'll definitely want to follow the #KLEncounters hashtag on Twitter. 

The hashtag is currently trending on the social media site and has brought to the fore Malaysians' talent in telling stories that are not only spooky, but also funny and sometimes bordering on social commentary. 

From what we could track, the hashtag started on 29 Feb, when Twitter user @SwordsnFlowers created super short stories about showing his friends from Phillipines a surreal Kuala Lumpur. 

Where it all started
The hashtag -- apparently a localised version of #ManilaEncounters -- soon caught the imagination of other Malaysians who wanted to share their stories, real and otherwise. 

Here are some of our favourites:

The horrors of not having cash on you at midnight 

The horror!

We're sure this has happened to some of you before. Sometimes you just forget to withdraw money and if you are not with friends or you don't have a credit card, this could turn real awkward, real soon!

A dystopian future

Written by a socialist, most probably

We found out that there's a reason behind the name Danial Ariff in this story. Can you guys guess what it is? 

Hint: It's got something to do with bank cards. 

The kid who never stopped sitting for exams

Can you imagine having to sit for exams for all eternity?
Ghost stories are always spookier when it's said to be real, like this story shared by Twitter user @Whxyte. 

We know of people who have nightmares about major examinations they had to sit for during schooling days, but this is the first time we're reading about someone cursed enough to have to go through it for ever and ever. *shudders*

Pet or...something else? 


We can't decide whether this is a prank played by someone close to the storyteller or a ghostly encounter, but the word 'humans' suggest a jester with a somewhat disturbing sense of humour. 

A whole new level of 'cekik darah'

Makes us chuckle every time

It's not uncommon for us to see people peddling their wares at TTDI, especially at night. The twist to the story here is a classis 'cekik darah' (too expensive) situation that we can all relate to.

A chance at revenge

How many of us will resist this temptation?

Motorcyclists. Many seem to have signed a contract with the devil or at least their lives off when they get their licences. It's truly scary the way motorcyclists in Malaysia drive and anger inducing too. 

How many of us will be able to resist the temptation of such an option, if there were one? 

If like us, you can't get enough of the stories, check out #KLEncounters on Twitter and maybe you can share your own super short stories too!

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