Your Mom’s ‘Penyepit Baju’ Is Being Sold As Earrings - For RM1,630 Per Piece!

It’s fashion they say…

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Your Mom’s ‘Penyepit Baju’ Is Being Sold As Earrings - For RM1,630 Per Piece!

Sometimes we don't get fashion people.

We’ve seen a lot of weird and downright outrageous things the fashion industry has produced in recent years. And they continue to ‘amaze’ us every season.

From the RM10,000 Balenciaga blue bag that resembles the iconic Ikea blue shopper bag to Calvin Klein’s RM1,500 dish washing glove as well as Zara’s skirt that looks exactly like your dad’s Sarong that is priced up to 20 times more that it should, you start to wonder “what’s next?”

Well, just when you think maybe they’ve moved on from using common household items or even your ordinary everyday products as inspiration, they’ve come up with something that’ll leave you… hanging.

Well if you don't have enough pegs, there's always one on your ear.
Jewellery brand Ambush just launched a new earring design that resembles a peg. Yes, the very penyepit baju you use to hang your clothes.

Priced at a very hefty tag of US$398.38 (RM1,630), the Nobo Clip earring sports a bright orange hue made from brass and has the brand’s logo engraved on it.

You can't say your earring matches your eye though...
And if you think that the peg has a chain or hook so you can wear it like normal earrings, well, you’re in for a surprise – you’d have to literally peg it or clamp it to your ear.

Exactly like how your parents used to do it to punish you when you don't listen to them.

Unbelievable, right?
Who’d knew the way we played with those pegs as a child would eventually be an inspiration for these jewelers to sell them.

Let’s be real, you can use it to hang your clothes so technically you’re buying an overpriced peg marketed as ‘earrings’. If you have tonnes of cash to spare and you think it's funny to get one, you can buy it here.

So guys, what do you think of this earring? Yay or nay? Fire away in the comment section below.

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