We Experienced One Week At Colony's New Coworking Space

Boss, can we move here please?

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We Experienced One Week At Colony's New Coworking Space
Most of us spend a large portion of our days at work. In fact, the average person will spend about 90,000 hours at work in the span of a lifetime. That is at least one-third of our lives!
Some people even call their workplace their second home because of the amount of time they spend working. So, it is safe to say that our jobs can make a huge impact on the quality of life.
This is the reason many companies are beginning to improve their workspace to help employees feel more driven and productive at work.
More and more forward-thinking startups, organisations and corporates are beginning to explore the idea of coworking spaces, which are essentially a shared office space for individuals to work either independently or collaboratively.
The modern office space.
One example of a coworking space in Malaysia is Colony.
Colony is Malaysia’s leading luxury coworking space and serviced office provider. When they say luxury, they mean it.
Earlier this year, Colony revealed its third location in Klang Valley in the heart of the largest transpiration hub in Malaysia, KL Sentral.
Strategically located at the top of Q Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Colony’s new location continues to raise the bar for coworking spaces and disrupt conventional offices.
To celebrate the new space, the Rojak Daily team was invited to experience what it is like to work at a coworking space.
Step into our office for the week.
While we enjoy working in our current open-concept office, it was a refreshing time to get out of our “second home” and perform our daily duties in a whole new world.
So, here are our favourite things about Colony KL Sentral after a week’s work.

#1 Strategic

As mentioned, Colony KL Sentral is parked at a prime location, probably the best location anybody can think of working in Kuala Lumpur.
This offers tenants and occupants seamless connection in and out of the city at any time of the day because the train station, bus stop and taxi stand can be easily accessed.
Forgive us jakun people who don't take public transportation often enough.
You can imagine our excitement when we finally didn’t need to face the rush hour traffic commuting to and from work the entire week, and not having to worry about parking too.
Let’s not take our public transportation system for granted!
On our way to lunch, covered walkways ftw!
Besides that, one of the busiest shopping malls in the city, NU Sentral, is only 10 minutes away via covered walkways. So, you know where we were during lunch time, and dinner time, and tea time on certain days.
Colony KL Sentral occupies the entire 37th floor at Q Sentral, which offers a spectacular view of the city. At times when we needed a breather, one look out over the skyline was all it took to gather our thoughts.

Hello, KL Sentral station.
Another view from our private office.

#2 Atmosphere

Colony KL Sentral’s design follows the Parisian apartment theme with inspiration from French architecture and contemporary furniture.
The moment we stepped into the space, we felt like we entered another country. We were greeted with a warm and atmospheric reception, surrounded by brass white railings, neoclassical details and Colony’s iconic black and white polished porcelain flooring.
The concierge will attend to your every need.
The custom-designed curlicue moldings and intricate fireplace around the space also give off a warm and inviting ambiance.
This event space set adjacent to the foyer comes in opulent emerald green carpet and plush upholstered sofas, and the hanging chandeliers add a touch of sophistication with its unique, blackened brass, illuminating the common areas in an expressive fashion.
Totally Insta-worthy too.
It was difficult to NOT plop ourselves on these couches.
All this just screams luxury, doesn’t it?
Walking around this quiet and calm office space alone was already a welcome change as opposed to the current office we are in that can get pretty… um… exciting during certain hours of the day.

#3 Space

Compared to Colony’s previous locations, the KL Sentral hub is their smallest space covering 15,000 square feet. But a smaller space is not necessarily a downside.
In this case, the entire floor feels more fluid as you walk around the different parts of the coworking space.
There are art pieces carefully selected and placed around the office premises.
Since the space is a lot more intimate, it can accommodate up to 250 people at full capacity, which is good because nobody wants a crowded office.

One of the private offices. 
There is a designated area for hot desks and reserved desks, but our team were graciously given a private office space to work for the whole week.
For those who work on-the-go.
Each desk is well-equipped with your typical office desk, drawers and *gasp* ergonomic chairs! The same set of office furniture is available throughout the space.
One half of our private office for the week.
This KL Sentral space also has different sized private offices to accommodate different groups, ranging from groups of six all the way up to 20 people. Quick, go and tell your bosses now!
Private office for a smaller team.
You can also request to customise your private office space according to your team's preferences.
Now, besides the private offices, Colony also introduced six luxe suites at this location for tenants to indulge in a complete immersive experience.
How to work in such comfortable environment?
Each suite comes with a fully functional Google Home system that acts as a personal assistant, a motorised desk with adjustable height, and a private countertop bar area with a minibar – it is an office dream come true!
Whether you prefer to sit.
Or work standing.Now we know who finished all the snacks in the mini fridge.This was our favourite toy of the week.
Also, there are two meeting rooms available for guests to use – one for up to 10 people and another that fits 20. This space is useful especially if your team needs a more productive space than the intimate offices.
This meeting room accommodates 20 pax.
This is the smaller meeting room.
And back to where we started upon entering Colony KL Sentral, there is a spacious common area in front of the concierge, which can be transformed into an event space that can accommodate up to 40 people.
Even if you are not looking to rent an office space or reserve a desk, your team can run events and workshops here as well.
Or you can choose to work here for a couple of hours if you want to be alone.

#4 Convenient

In today’s world, work demands a lot of efficiency and productivity, so workplace convenience is everything. This is something that you can find at Colony coworking space.
First of all, there is high speed internet accessible for all tenants here. Major win in our books since our work relies 100 per cent on having proper internet connection.
There are lockers available for tenants too.
Besides that, printing services and stationery are also available within reach.
When was the last time you used a ruler?
Trust us, you never know how much you needed a stapler until you start frantically searching for one. But don’t worry, you won’t face that problem here.
If you have an important phone call to take, there are three dedicated phone booths for more privacy. So, you don’t have to leave the office premises whenever you have private matters to discuss over the phone.

A private phone booth.

#5 Hospitality

The final thing we enjoyed about our week at Colony KL Sentral was the hospitality we received from the moment we arrived right until our last day here.
The friendly staff at the concierge are almost like personalised butlers, ready to adhere to your requests during your time there. We were told that you can even ask them to help you book flight tickets!
The cafe area for guests to take a break.
Besides some out-of-the-ordinary assistance, there is a café area located at the foyer where you can enjoy a cup of coffee prepared by the staff themselves, as well as complimentary snacks.
Look at that beautiful cart!
Whenever we had questions or concerns, the reception was always ready to be of help.
One thing to note about this KL Sentral location is that the air conditioning of the Q Sentral building shuts down at 5.30pm every day because it is a centralised system.
This may sound like a disadvantage for those who often find themselves working past regular hours, but portable air coolers are available upon request so there is nothing to worry about.
Can we keep this?
Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our week working at Colony KL Sentral and we are secretly working on a proposal addressed to our boss to let us stay there longer right now.
For more details on the pricing, visit Colony’s official website here.

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