8 Plants That Are Absolutely Safe For Your Cats

Some plants are not safe for your feline friends.

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8 Plants That Are Absolutely Safe For Your Cats

Do you love plants but also have cats at home? You might want to check to see if any of your plants are harmful to your favourite pet. 

Many common household plants are pretty to look at and can be harmless. However, some plants such as those under the the lily family (for example: peace lily, calla lily, tiger lily), aloe vera, swiss cheese plant, and Charming Dieffenbachia, can be poisonous.

Om nom no..
The effects to felines that eat these plants can range from mild to severe. Among the most common symptoms are vomiting, oral irritation, excessive drooling, difficulty swallowing, diarrhea, depression, tremors and even death (noooo!!). 

Here's the good news: not all plants are poisonous to your pets. Here are some that you can keep at home even when you have cats.

1) Bamboo Palm

It adds charm to your home
These plants are easy to plant and keep alive. Even if you're don't have a green thumb, you can give this plant a go.

All you have to do is keep it out of direct sunlight, water it when the soil is dry (two to three times a week should do), and move it to a bigger pot of the space seem a little cramped. 

2) Hibiscus

Pretty and makes yummy tea
Our national flower is not only beautiful and come in various colours, but also said to have health benefits.

Dry the flowers and use it to make tea that's delicious and said to be rich in antioxidant. You can also add it to your hair products for stronger, healthier follicles.

All these while keeping your beloved cats safe! 

3) Orchids

A lot of work but totally worth it
If you have the patience and great luck with plants, orchids are for you.

It's not easy to grow one and get those beautiful blooms, but once you do, the sense of accomplishment will be worth all your efforts. 

Although, we need to warn you, if your cat decides to destroy your beautiful orchids, the pain can be quite unbearable, so remember to keep that at a place not easily accessible by your kitty cat.

4) Cast Iron Plant

It's as sturdy as cast iron
If you don't have much time to be tending to high-maintenance plants, this one is for you. The name itself is an indication of h little attention it needs.

Just water it from time to time, get rid of the dying ones, and wipe the leaves once in a blue moon. 

5) Roses 

Pretty, smells great and safe for your cats
Now, the thorns may become a thorny issue if your felines decide to get too close to it, but at most, the animal will only suffer from a tiny scratch or a little prick.

Like hibiscus, roses (usually the buds) can also be dried and made into delicious and nutritious tea.

Plus, they smell good and look beautiful too! 

6) Bird's nest fern

This plant is pretty easy to keep.
If you want a plant inside your home that doesn't require much sunlight, bird's nest fern is a good choice. 

It takes very little effort to get it to thrive too. Just water it once a week, and make sure it's placed in a cool place. 

7) Blue echeveria 

Most succulents are safe for cats
Like most succulents, this plant is also safe for cats. 

The flower-like look and interesting colours make it a favourite among many plant lovers.

It's also easy to take care of. Just give it plenty of sunlight and don't drown it in water. 

8) Barberton Daisy

Pretty, colourful and easy to grow
Another flower that is super easy to grow. All you have to do is water it when the soil is dry.

If you want more of the plant, just wait for the flower to wilt, take the little bulb-like part that's located in the middle of the flower, dry and plant it where you want it. 

Voila! You'll have a garden-full of blooming flowers in no time. 

Your furkids will thank you for your choices

There you go. Now you can keep your home green and the air fresh while ensuring your furkids' safety. 

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