Get Ready To Catch ‘Em All Because The Pokémon Centre Is Opening Soon In Singapore

Shut up and take our money!

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Get Ready To Catch ‘Em All Because The Pokémon Centre Is Opening Soon In Singapore
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We're hyperventilating just looking at this photo.

If your childhood dream is to become a star Pokémon trainer and playing Pokémon Go alone hasn’t fulfilled your needs (or potential), well, there's some excellent news for you! 

The famed Pokémon Centre in Japan will be opening an outlet nearby our shores real soon. The
Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore will be home to the next Pokémon Centre, according to NinetendoSoup.

Can a billionaire buy us the whole store?
In a statement to the press about the rumours, Changi responded “We are planning for over 90 percent of the tenants to be opened by April. For specific tenants within Jewel, we are tracking all their progress closely and will provide an update from time to time.”

Sounds vague, but we trust our source and we believe it’ll happen.

The centre, which will mirror the Japanese Pokémon centres, will reportedly open its doors to die-hard Pokémon fans on 17 April 2019 – a day ahead of the anticipated Pokémon Go Safari event which will run from 18-22 April.

Anyone going for this awesome event?
Pokémon Go players will stand a chance to catch rare Pokémons at Sentosa such as Shiny Shuckle and Tropius.

Well guys, you’ve got about a month from now to save up and blow out your money on all the Pokémon merch you’ve ever wanted.

Yes please, we've been saving since our childhood.
From plushies of every Pokémon in history to cute matching socks, keychains, hats, bags, the centre is bound to be a Pokémon wonderland. (Just make sure you remember to come home and don’t lose track of time, ok?).

So, what will you get at the Pokémon centre? Share with us in the comments section below.

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