These Images Showcase The Power Of Huawei P30’s Cameras


High quality photos using just a smartphone? Real or not?

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These Images Showcase The Power Of Huawei P30’s Cameras
Malaysians are huge fans of concerts, especially when the world’s most famous singers decide to make a local pit stop.

Well, we were recently treated to one of the most anticipated concerts of 2019 by none other than British boyband, Blue, that got fans singing their hearts out and swooning over the band members’ sleek moves.
While we’re able to commit the experience to memory, nothing beats scrolling through photos taken during the concert to relive the excitement. However, this may pose a problem if you’re seated quite a distance from the main stage.
Will it ever be possible for you to capture a picture of your favourite singer during their concerts from afar? Well, recent images that have surfaced from Blue’s concert seem to indicate so. The images take a closer look at the singers on stage – believed to be shot with a smartphone – comparing images taken from the back of the hall that zooms remarkably close to the band.

Based on these images, we can clearly take pictures of each band member without having to crane our necks or compete for whatever empty space that is available within our seats. This will certainly allow everyone in the audience to enjoy the concert as if they were seated at the front rows.

Quite incredible and fascinating, if you ask us. The question remains – which smartphone were the images taken from?
Looking back, the only possible smartphone manufacturer that can come up with such impressive technology is HUAWEI as they have always been known for outstanding camera capabilities. Just last year, HUAWEI introduced the world’s first triple-camera lens with the HUAWEI P20 Series, automatically redefining the way we capture life’s moments.

Being a tech revolutionist and continuing to push the frontiers of smartphone photography, other smartphone brands have constantly adapted HUAWEI’s technologies.

Following the flagship HUAWEI P20 Series, the HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro also incorporated the triple-camera lens feature, and was identified as the top smartphone by DxOMark with 109 points – the same score awarded to the HUAWEI P20 Pro. 

Something Exceptional Is Coming!

Not long ago, Richard Yu, CEO of HUAWEI Technologies Consumer Business Group, released an image of the supermoon on his Weibo account, stating that it was one of the best shots of the moon ever taken in his life.
From the watermark printed on the image, it is believed that this shot was taken using the brand-new HUAWEI P30, which is equipped with four camera lenses. If this is indeed true, it will be a first that HUAWEI will feature a four-camera setup.

With this setup, we have reason to believe that the HUAWEI P30 can zoom into a very close distance without compromising the quality of the photos. Themed ‘Rewrite the Rules’, we can’t wait to see if HUAWEI can achieve more than just superior zooming into the details of the subjects.
Gearing up the anticipation for the launch of the HUAWEI P30 series in Malaysia, HUAWEI has also announced that the HUAWEI Backup – a 1TB external hard drive solution which you can use to automatically or manually backup data on your smartphone – may be included as one of the freebies to be given out during the local HUAWEI P30 Series launch.

Indeed, one can do so many things with 1TB of space, that you will never run out of space to store a lifetime’s worth of memories. Stay tuned on 26 March 2019 for more information!

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