Nasi Lemak Has Been Hailed As One Of The Best Traditional Dishes In The World

Long live the ever so versatile nasi lemak!

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Nasi Lemak Has Been Hailed As One Of The Best Traditional Dishes In The World

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We Malaysians sure love food and if there’s one dish we all have a common passion for, it’s definitely nasi lemak.

Nasi lemak is so versatile that you can eat it with almost anything and any given time of the day. Some even don’t mind having it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So, it’s fitting to say that our national dish deserves some international recognition, right? 

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The food god heard our pleas, because the nasi lemak has been dubbed as one of the “Top 100 Traditional Dishes in The World”, according to TasteAtlas.

The coconut milk rice dish placed 69 in the list, with a rating of 4/5.

“No other dish in Malaysia is as famous as nasi lemak,” writes TasteAtlas.

What do you eat your nasi lemak with? We love sambal kerang!
“Although originally invented as a breakfast dish, soon it surpassed its original purpose and became the Malaysian national dish which can be eaten at any time.”

Clinching the top three spots are the crispy pata (Philippines), hakata ramen (Japan), and lasagna alla bolognese (Italy).

But what really ruffled our feathers this morning wasn’t the fact that a few other local dishes such as char kuay teow, curry laksa, Hainanese chicken rice, and fish head curry also made the list, it was the fact these dishes were deemed to be of Singaporean origins.

Seriously, TasteAtlas? Especially char kuay teow?

Nope, just nope.
So, do you agree with the dishes that made the cut? Fire away in the comments section below.

To read the full list, click here.

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