This RM8,600 Handbag Looks Super Functional And Comfy – Just Like A Sofa

Splurge on this ‘portable’ sofa.

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This RM8,600 Handbag Looks Super Functional And Comfy – Just Like A Sofa
Maison Margiela/Instagram

We low-key want this bag...

If there’s one thing we love about fashion is the industry’s ability to turn common household items into a fashion product and sell them at a price tag that we peasants may never be able to afford.

From blue Ikea-inspired bags, to your mom’s wooden clothespin turned earrings and your pasar malam toto handbag, it seems that the fashion world may be pressed for inspiration.

And the latest household-cum-fashion item to make it to the runway this time around is… Maison Margiela’s Glam Slam Bag.

A pop of colour and a pop of comfortness.
The bag comes in all sizes, from small to large, and looks exactly like a plush, leather sofa in your house.

The Glam Slam Bag is priced between GBP855 – GBP1,610 (RM4,576.15 - RM8,617.08) and is part of Maison Margiela’s Spring-Summer 2018 collection.

It also comes in colours that you’d commonly see in a furniture shop; red, white, black, and nude.

If we have this, we'll be hugging it all the time.
This colour just screams "nap time!"
Well, you might wonder who’d be willing to pay RM8,000 for a sofa bag but come and think of it this way: the hefty price tag comes with a highly practical and functional value.

The bag doubles as a ‘portable’ sofa pillow which you can hug or lie on top of anywhere, anytime.

Always stick to black, classic and evergreen.
Feeling sleepy at a boring party or function? The Glam Slam bag has got your back. Forgot to bring your pillow at a sleepover? The Glam Slam bag has got you covered. Tired of all that walking and shopping? Take a break with your Glam Slam bag.

We wonder what’s next in the world of fashion. To find out more about this comfortable-looking bag, click here.

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