5 Reasons Why You Should Stay At This New Insta-Worthy Hotel In Melaka

Now’s a good time for a road trip!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Stay At This New Insta-Worthy Hotel In Melaka
Iylia/Rojak Daily & Liu Men Melaka

Please, invite us back!

Melaka is personally one of our favourite places in the country for a short getaway or road trip.

Let us count for you the reasons: you can find a plethora of amazing food (hello, asam pedas and keria gula Melaka!), bask in the amazing local culture, take plenty of Insta-worthy photos, and stay at one of the swankiest boutique hotels in the city.

And speaking of boutique hotels, if you’re currently hunting for a new place to stay while you’re in Melaka, we’ve got great news for you.

The boutique hotel facade.
Your check in card and room door will look like this.
We were recently invited to review Liu Men Melaka by Preference, a new boutique hotel located in the heart of Melaka that recently opened its doors to guests in March 2019. We got a room at the hotel for the weekend, and let’s just say we really enjoyed our time there and we were legit sad when we had to leave.

Here are five reasons why you should stay at this cool new hotel:

#1 Insta-Worthy Interior

Wind down in this super cool bath tub at the end of the day.Every interior designer and Instagrammer's dream hotel.
If you’re opening a new hotel in the historic city of Melaka, it would almost be a crime if you didn’t incorporate the true essence of Melaka (ie the Baba Nyonya culture) in its architecture or interior. And we’re glad that Liu Men did justice to it.

We love the whole 1930s Chinese Pernakan vibe and elements that could be found throughout the hotel. Instagrammers will have a fun time taking photos here!

#2 Super Comfortable Rooms

Looks very comfy. Make yourself at home.Prepare to sleep in deep slumber!
Can we bring back the vanity mirror, please?
Your standard hotel room will give you just two pillows or three the most, if you're really lucky. But Liu Men really went out of their way to make sure we’re super comfortable by giving us six pillows! We definitely had a good night’s sleep on their comfortable bed and spacious room. There are a few types of room and we loved the fact that they named it after prominent figures or warriors like Hang Jebat.

But the thing that really won us over is their bathrooms: every item, including their shower and toilet, were so fancy and pretty. Wish we could pack it and bring it back home.

We later found out that Liu Men is part of a five-star hotel chain, which explains the posh feeling and rock star treatment we got when we checked into the hotel.

#3 Next to Jonker Walk

We love the cendol at Jonker Walk!
If you’re going on a food hunt in Melaka especially on weekends, visiting Jonker Walk is a must. And what’s great about the hotel is that it’s literally just two minutes away.

All you need to do is just cross the street and voila – you’re in Jonker Walk. So, you can forget all about finding a parking spot there, which often times is a nightmare.

#4 Free Parking

If you're lucky, you can also park right in front of the hotel door.
Let’s be real, most boutique hotels in Melaka or Jonker Walk don’t offer free private parking, and we don't blame them, because Jonker Walk is super crowded and there's really no space for anything else.

So, we were pleased to know that Liu Men has their own free private parking that’s manned by a guard. However, the only thing we hope they’ll improve on is the signage to their carpark, because it's located in an alley behind the hotel. If you're not paying attention, you could just zip by it without even noticing, and then you would have to make another round back to the hotel.

#5 Quiet and Cosy

Less people = peaceful stay.A nice spot to hangout or catch up.
Although Liu Men is located nearby Jonker Walk, we’re thankful that it's situated one row behind the tourist spot, so it meant less noise and more privacy. Since the hotel is quite new too, you can expect not many guests for now, which is an absolute plus.

Also, the staff at the hotel were extremely friendly and they were always eager to help. If you have no idea where to go or what to eat, just approach one of their staff and you'll get a long list of recommendations.

So guys, if you’re planning to head to Melaka, try checking in at Liu Men. Comfy bed and pillows, fancy bathroom, super Insta-worthy Peranakan interior and close proximity to Jonker Walk makes it the perfect place to stay. Checking out was the hardest part because we really enjoyed our stay and felt right at home. 
The dining area.
There are several types of rooms and suites which range from RM300 to RM700 which in our opinion is not too bad considering the location and how comfortable the hotel is.

For more info about their boutique hotel, click here.

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