[UPDATED] Pokemon Go: Where to Catch Em’ All in KL

Want to know where to catch a Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle? We know.

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[UPDATED] Pokemon Go: Where to Catch Em’ All in KL
Here are all the Pokemon we've caught (or seen sightings of) divided into malls, parks, neighbourhoods, dan lain-lain. From Subang to Putrajaya, and from Lake Gardens to KLIA, we laced our Poké-hunting shoes and set out to different hot spots in Malaysia to gather information on what Pokemon you can find and where. We also list the names of PokéStops we found and the gyms you'll battle in. Pokemons are divided into classes, common, uncommon, rare, and epic. If you found anything else in the places we've mentioned, drop us a comment and we'll add it to the list. Happy hunting!



What we found:
COMMON: Eevee, Magikarp, Venonat, Pidgey, Rattata, Poliwag, Weedle, Caterpie, Paras, Meowth, Bellsprout
UNCOMMON: Kakuna, Exeggcute, Psyduck, Slowpoke
RARE: Pinsir, Horsea, Abra, Venomoth, Tentacruel
EPIC: Dratini, Bulbasaur, Vaporeon, Snorlax

PokeStops: It appears as though almost every shop we walked by had a PokeStop or within a few feet forward, we came across another PokeStop. Notable: Nu Lantern, Pewduckpie, Sunway Pyramid Sphinx, Monkey Wonderers, 3 Level Pyramid Fountain, Sunway Lagoon Entrance (if you stand outside of Sunway Pyramid close enough to the theme park entrance), Humongous Bowling Pin. 

PokeGyms: Sunway University, Pinnacle Sunway Fountain, 3 Candles Water Fountains, Masjid Bandar Sunway, Car Parts Statue, Sunway University.

Notes: On the bright side, there aren’t any Zubats here! There are tons of water type Pokemon and the best place to park yourself would be at the Sphinx head entrance. There are tons of PokeStops at the main entrance and a bunch of lures. Sit at the Starbucks or Bubba Gump to replenish supplies while eating or taking a break from walking.


What we found:
COMMON: Pidgey, Zubat, Rattata, Krabby, Venonat, Pidgeotto, Eevee, Poliwag Cubone, Oddish, Nidoran, Weedle
RARE: Ponyta, Sandshrew, Pinsir, Horsea
EPIC: Blastoise, Bulbasaur

PokeStops: Plenty within the mall itself. Notable: Bar B Q Plaza Dragon, Thai Massage 2, One U Bridge, Metal Dragonfly (tattoo), 6D Motion Adventure.

PokeGyms: Four gyms within the vicinity of One Utama mall

Notes: Head over to One World Hotel for a bunch of PokeStops and lures, all within very close proximity. Sit in the hotel lobby and you will be set with bountiful supplies and Pokemon.


What we found:
COMMON: Zubat, Weedle, Eevee, Oddish, Clefairy, Spearow, Caterpie, Meowth, Bellsprout, Cubone, Krabby, Ekans, Rattata
UNCOMMON: Growlithe
RARE: Koffing, Abra
EPIC: Bulbasaur, Squirtle

PokeStops: The PokeStops in IKEA are very strategically placed so that you will end up eating lunch at their cafeteria restaurant and there are a couple of PokeStops around the area itself. Notable: Game Board, Children Toy Portal, Nature’s Wall Art.

Gyms: 4 gyms within the triangle (IKEA, Ikano and The Curve) district.

Notes: There is a variety of Pokemon here and the PokeStops are neare to each other so not much walking is required. If you sit at the cafeteria closer to the escalator, you will be seated in between three PokeStops. So while eating your Swedish meatballs, you can replenish your items every 5 minutes.


What we found:
COMMON: Pidgeotto, Zubat, Ekans, Eevee, Rattata
UNCOMMON: Slowpoke, Growlithe
RARE: Koffing, Staryu

PokeStops: Very few and spread out through IKANO. We wouldn’t recommend this mall for replenishing your items.

PokeGyms: One within the area of the mall.

Notes: Can give this one a miss if you are looking for more exciting finds.

What we found:
COMMON: Clefairy, Paras, Venonat, Pidgey, Poliwag, Caterpie, Eevee, Nidoran
UNCOMMON: Growlithe, Exeggcute
RARE: Magmar

PokeStops: This mall has plenty PokeStops, just walk around a few steps forward and you will come across a PokeStop. Notable: Western Courtyard Fountain, Concourse Dome at the Curve, Gundam Unicorn, Fountain with Bronze Vase, eCurve Statue, E-Curve Fountain.

PokeGyms: There is one in eCurve and one at the other end of The Curve.

Notes: One of the best areas to hang out in for supplies and to catch Pokemon would be the fountain between eCurve and The Curve. The fountain is a hotspot for Pokemon hunting, spot the horde of people just standing around staring at their phones.

 What we found:
Common: Bellsprout, Paras, Rattata, Pidgey, Magikarp, Nidoran (male & female), Cubone, Krabby, Staryu, Pinsir, Goldeen.
Uncommon: Dodrio, Gastly
Rare: Horsea, Rhyhorn, Bulbasaur
PokeStops: Pavilion doesn't have as many PokeStops as KLCC Park, with around less than 10 in the area.
PokeGyms: Pavilion Crystal Fountain (the one outside the Bukit Bintang entrance), Arca Budaya Hotel Istana.

Notes: Here's a tip: when you take the KLCC Pedestrian Walkway to Pavilion, you'll be passing by some PokeStops of the shops beneath you, but you’d still be able to get your items! In Pavilion itself, we were pleasantly surprised to have multiple Pokemon popping up like daisies. Hotspots in the shopping centre that we noticed were Level 2 and near the food court.


What we found:
COMMON: Pidgey, Magikarp, Rattata, Clefairy, Krabby, Zubat, Nidoran
UNCOMMON: Psyduck, Slowpoke
RARE: Butterfree, Pinsir, Dodrio, Vulpix, Kingler, Staryu

PokeStops: Mid Valley is like the beehive for Pokemon “addicts”, PokeStops and lures everywhere! Notable: Piano in a Cage, White and Blue Installation, Silver Ape Figure, Megakidz, Mid Valley Grafitti Wall, Lower Ground Gallery, Plan B – Garden Restaurant,

PokeGyms: 3-4 around the mall area itself! Great place to train and increase your XP.

Notes: Mid Valley is a great place for catching rarer Pokemon and we have dubbed it “PokeStop heaven” because of the sheer volume of PokeStops at every corner. We recommend the fountain between Gardens and Mid Valley right outside of Starbucks to hang out at, because there are at least 6 PokeStops in that area and if you camp yourself strategically, you can keep restocking supplies and catching Pokemon the entire day. We highly endorse this mall! A+


What we found:
COMMON: Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie, Eevee, Bellsprout, Oddish
UNCOMMON: Pidgeotto, Exeggcute
RARE: Pinsir, Ponyta, Staryu
EPIC: Bulbasaur

PokeStops: Jaya One is a great place to find PokeStops and to just sit around and restock your items. Notable: The Treez, Jump Street Mural, Kangaroo, Elefun Stickie Wall Art.

PokeGyms: Within radar or close proximity was Glad Tidings Church, Section 17 Na Tuk Gong Shrine, Skateline Mural.

Notes: If you stand around the entrance of The School which leads to Jaya One, there are plenty of PokeStops and Pokemon by the fountain area.

What we found:
Common: Goldeen, Oddish, Pinsir, Poliwag, Krabby, Zubat, Ekans
Uncommon: Gastly, Exeggcute, Psyduck
Rare: Tentacool, Poliwhirl, Staryu, Pidgeot
Epic: Bulbasaur, Squirtle
PokeStops: More than 10 PokeStops scattered around, though they're not as dense as KLCC Park.

PokeGyms: Pavilion Crystal Fountain

Notes: There's a good amount of rare Pokemons around, especially as you walk up the floors. The good thing about Farenheit is that it isn’t as overwhelmingly big as KLCC and Pavilion, so you don’t have to do too much walking to find good ones.
LOT 10:

What we found:
Common: Caterpie, Pinsir, Goldeen, Pidgey, Zubat, Krabby, Weedle, Ratata, Paras
Rare: Venomoth, Staryu, Tangela, Horsea
Epic: Dratini, Bulbasaur
PokeStops: Since it's right next to Lot 10, they share aroud the same of PokeStops.

PokeGyms: Arca Budaya Hotel Istana, Lion Statute of Hotel Capitol, The Ugly Faces Mural.

Notes: If you want some quiet time to shop and do some Pokemon hunting on your own, then this is the place to be. We found a Dratini when we were picking out clothes at H&M.


What we found:
COMMON: Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow
PokeStops: Mitsui Outlet Park Tower
PokeGyms: n/a
Notes: Even with a lure activated, all you get are more and more Pidgeys.



What we found:
COMMON: Weedle, Magikarp, Rattata, Pidgey, Eevee, Meowth, Oddish
UNCOMMON: Jynx (NOTE: Apparently users have reported that Jynx no longer can be found here), Magmar
RARE: Staryu, Weepinbell
EPIC: Bulbasaur

PokeStops: Cyber Park Square, Opening Ceremony Plague Dell Forest, Tri Pods Sculpture, Fly Aeroplane Fly, Wonder Fountain, Air Takungan Cyber

PokeGyms: Cyberpark Cyberjaya

Notes: A hotbed for Jynx and a good assortment of other Pokemon. There’s a possibility to catch Bulbasaur here though.


What we found:
COMMON: Magikarp, Poliwag, Zubat, Eevee, Ekans, Venonat, Clefairy
UNCOMMON: Psyduck, Jigglypuff, Slowpoke
RARE: Staryu, Tentacruel, Seaking

PokeStops: Castle at Taman Botani, Botani Hibiscus Walk, Botani Hut, Botani Lake Broadwalk, Milo Hut, Putrajaya Sun Garden Tower, Botani Hilltop, Botani African Collection, Sigai Seri.

PokeGyms: Morocco Pavilion Main Gate

Notes: Come here if you like Magikarp and Psyduck. It spawns virtually every step here. PokeStops are spread out in one line following the course so you can complete one course around all the stops and repeat.


What we found:
COMMON: Zubat, Weedle, Eevee, Magikarp, Goldeen, Cubone, Nidoran
UNCOMMON: Slowpoke, Psyduck, Golbat, Growlithe
RARE: Rhyhorn
EPIC: Squirtle, Dratini
PokeStops: Desa Parkcity Showgallery, The Central Park Signboard, Two Rocks, Dry Up Mini Man made Waterfall, Surf Board, Newspaper Moo Cow Sculpture
PokeGyms: Reversed Umbrella Roof, The Playground, The Central Park.
Notes: A highly recommended area with lures often in effect plus it’s filled with fellow Pokemon GO players. It’s safe, rare Pokemons can be found around the area and if you get peckish or thirsty (or if you need to charge your phone), there are heaps of cafes and restaurants around.

What we found:
COMMON: Pidgeys (d’oh!), Zubat, Krabby, Ekans, Ratata, Magikarp, Meowth
UNCOMMON: Butterfree, Psyduck, Exeggcute
RARE: Tentacool
EPIC: Charmander
PokeStops: KL Bird Park Main Public Map, World of Parrots, Eagle Courtship.

PokeGyms: Stonehenge Replica at National Planetarium

Notes: Taking into consideration that you’ve gotta pay to enter the park; you can very well skip this place unless you’re in the mood to check out some real-life birds while hunting for Pokemon. It’s often filled with tourists too, so prepare yourself for bird poo stained phone screen and weird stares.

What we found:
COMMON: Eevee, Magikarp, Caterpie, Rattata, Bellsprout, Oddish, Weedle, Pidgey
RARE: Pidgeot, Horsea
EPIC: Tentacruel, Bulbasaur
PokeStops: Twin Fountains at Orchid Gardens, Peacock Wire Sculpture, Orchid Design

PokeGyms: Park Fountain

Notes: We loved this place – for several reasons. One, we caught a whole bunch of rare and epic Pokemon here but this could’ve been attributed to the fact that two lures were active while we were around. Secondly, we parked our lazy butts on a bench right below a ceiling fan with three PokeStops right there. Meaning, we didn’t even have to get up to catch some rare Pokemon. A recommended place to visit. Bring a lure and do what we did.


What we found:
COMMON: Caterpie, Weedle, Venonat, Meowth, Oddish, Paras, Krabby, Pidgey, Eevee, Ratata, Nidorina, Ekans, Goldeen
RARE: Scyther
PokeStops: Animal Falls, Log Hop, Atap restpit, Entrance of The Royal Lake Club, Lion Drinking Fountain, Dinosaur Park Arch, Malay Style Rest House On Stilts, Helicona Garden Arch, Molten Lava Rock, Broken Vase, Petrified Tree and more (the place is too damn huge lah, ok?).

PokeGyms: Park Fountain, Big Man Made Waterfall and more.

Notes: Heaps of PokeStops to replenish your hunting supplies but what we found lacking were rare/epic Pokemons. It could’ve been just our crap luck but if it’s quantity regardless of rarity you’re looking for, this is definitely the place.

What we found:
Common: Spearow, Nidoran (male), Magikarp, Ratata, Pidgey, Krabby, Bellsprout, Weedle, Zubat, Oddish, Caterpie, Weedle, Goldeen
Uncommon: Psyduck, Exeggcute, Raticate, Slowpoke,
Rare: Tangela, Metapod, Poliwhirl
PokeStops: This is basically heaven for Pokemon trainers. It’s no surprise that many flock to KLCC park especially at night to capture Pokemon. There are a lot of lures and PokeStops almost everywhere—most of them signage. You'll easily get to replenish your Pokeballs and get your special items before you continue your hunt. And when you need a break, there’s a plethora of cafes and restaurants to choose from. 

PokeGyms: Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower, Giant Butterfly, Petronas Towers Viewed From Jalan Binjai, Lake Symphony KLCC

Notes: We were here around 11.50pm right before lunch, and while there was a decent amount of trainers, there weren't a lot of impressive Pokemon around. We think the timing was off, but at least now you know when not to go to KLCC Park to catch them.

COMMON: Ratata, Paras, Gastly, Slowpoke, Pidgey, Magikarp, Caterpie, Venonat
UNCOMMON: Psyduck, Abra, Onix
RARE: Horsea, Golduck, Kingler, Tangela, Golbat, Tentacruel, Slowbro
EPIC: Dratini
PokeStops: There are plenty of PokeStops, though most are scattered. You can find them at huts, resting areas and signage.

PokeGyms: Guard House, Stadium Titiwangsa, Titiwangsa Plaque

Notes: Since Titiwangsa is so big, it's worth noting that there are more PokeStops and gyms at the side where Stadium Titiwangsa is located. Also, we noticed that there aren’t that many people there during weekday evenings, so try to go Pokehunting with friends.



What we found:
COMMON: Spearow, Nidoran, Zubat (insane amount of these winged creatures), Poliwag, Clefairy, Ekans
UNCOMMON: Mankey, Slowpoke
RARE: Tangela, Horsea, Staryu, Sandshrew

PokeStops: PokeStops are abundant within the Bangsar Village and Telawi Street premise. Notable: Street Art Obey, Tunku Abdul Rahman Mural, CIMB Classic Giant Golf Ball, Bangsar Gospel Centre, Paradise Dynasty Emblem, Red Octopus.

PokeGyms: There are two prominent gyms in the Telawi Street area, right by each other.

Notes: There are a lot of Zubats in Bangsar but in the evening Telawi Street comes alive with a lot of Pokemon activity and “trainers” roaming the lanes.


What we found:
COMMON: Magikarp, Eevee, Rattata, Weedle, Spearow, Pidgey, Oddish, Ekans, Venonat, Poliwag
UNCOMMON: Metapod, Exeggcute, Golbat
RARE: Scyther, Haunter, Abra
EPIC: Snorlax, Charmander

PokeStops: A lot of the shop lots and areas around the college have plenty of PokeStops. Notable: No Reservation (Japanese Restaurant), Subang Shrine, Asia Café Subang Jaya, The Feng Shui Ship of Butter Chicken House.

PokeGyms: The evident ones include Mural, Mysterious Splotch on Inti College, SS12 Playground, Shrine.

Notes: Asia Café would be the ideal place to sit and grab some beverages or food while catching Pokemon. We call it the “golden triangle” – located between three PokeStops and lures, in front of the famous indo mee and chapati stall in Asia Café.


What we found:
COMMON: Rattata, Weedle, Goldeen, Krabby, Pidgey, Caterpie, Venonat
UNCOMMON: Pidgeotto, Jigglypuff
Rare: Pinsir
Epic: Squirtle

PokeStops: If you see a jam and a lot of cars parked (illegally) in Uptown, these individuals are probably stocking up on PokeStop finds as Uptown is set alive with copious amounts of PokeStops. Cars will drive through Uptown just to replenish their items. Notable: Hayaki 24 Jam, Anatomy, Fat Spoon Cat Sign, Big Water Tap, Tabung Haji Fountain.

PokeGyms: The Uptown area is notable for their PokeStops but they have a lot of gyms around the proximity as well. Giant Yellow Bulb, Hindu Worship, Galaxy Cat Signage, Masjid Al-Mujahidin, Damansara Reformed Baptist Church.

Notes: Best area to fill up on on items! We dub this the “Pokemon trainer pantry”.



What we found:
Common: Ekans, Pidgey, Weedle, Spearow, Poliwhirl, Zubat, Rattata, Bellsprout, Cubone, Nidorin (female), Caterpie
Uncommon: Exeggcute, Dodrio, Clefairy
Rare: Staryu, Tangela
PokeStops: Zoo Negara visitors are spoilt for choice. There's a PokeStop every few metres and they're conveniently located at statues, signage and even special places like the Panda Conservatory Centre.

PokeGyms: Leopard Zone Sign (yes, it's right outside where the tigers and leopards are!), Scorpion Statue, Snake Statue, Al Iman Mosque

Notes: If you're new at Pokemon Go and want to have fun while looking at real animals, this is the place to be! There are plenty of lures, conveniently-placed PokeStops and gyms that are situated close to each other. There are especially a lot of Pokemon and PokeStops near Children's World.


What we found:
PokeStops: 3 Headed Robot Statue, Harrods Big Bear, Bloempo, KLIA Indoor Pillar.
PokeGyms: Airplane Models, KLIA Signboard
Notes: There are no Pokemons at KLIA. Repeat. None.


(submitted by FB user Kris Patih) 

What they found:

COMMON: Pinsir, Krabby, Poliwag
UNCOMMON: Exeggcute
RARE: Magma, Horsea, 
EPIC: Bulbasaur, Dratini, Squirtle, Dragonair

PokeStops: 5 PokeStops, along with 2 additional ones next to the building. 

PokeGyms: 1 gym inside
(submitted by FB user Michael Yip) 

What they found: 

EPIC: Bulbasaur, Squirtle (there are plenty of them here)

(submitted by FB user Ajwad Izdihar) 

What they found: 

EPIC: Charmander (at the field area), Dratini (Jalan Raja next to Dataran), Magikarp (river at Masjid Jamek), Dragonair and Gyrados (near Burger King at Dataran Merdeka) 

(submitted by FB user Azrin Aidid) 

What they found: 


(submitted by FB user Nabilla Huda) 

What they found: Magikarps and Dratinis. It's a breeding ground for these two Pokemon, apparently! 

What WE found: 
UNCOMMON: Tentacool, Psyduck
RARE: Scyther, Golduck, Vaporeon 

(submitted by FB user Jac Hoe)

What they found: A Shellder nest! 

(submitted by FB user Jac Hoe)

What they found: A Vulpix nest! 

(submitted by FB user Jac Hoe)

What they found: A Seel nest! 

(submitted by FB user Jac Hoe)

What they found: Electabuzz

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