Here Are The Upcoming EPL And Champions League Matches You Shouldn't Miss!

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Here Are The Upcoming EPL And Champions League Matches You Shouldn't Miss!
The FIFA World Cup took place last year and UEFA EURO only happens next year – and here we are, sandwiched in between in 2019 for what should seemingly be a relatively duller and less exciting football year, right? Wrong! Have you guys even been following the mad drama that has been unfolding in the Premier League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League?


We’re currently at the semi-finals for both the Champions League and the Europa League and as for the Premier League, well… not even Liverpool fans putting up Manchester United Facebook profile photos (or waking up clad in MU jerseys from Petaling Street) to watch the match against Manchester City were able to make things work in favor of the Scousers.

And you know that has to be frustrating given Liverpool’s last Premier League trophy win being nearly three decades ago.

But let’s take a closer look at each league and what’s at stake:


THE LOWDOWN: After City’s recent win against United, they’ve once again made their way to the top of the table with Liverpool close behind. Really… close behind. And the Reds want the trophy badly because their last league victory was back in 1990 and if the 18-time champions want a shot at catching up with record holders Manchester United (with 20 league title wins), this is it. If City win it this season on the other hand, then they’ll be successful in defending the trophy they won last season, becoming the first team to do so since the Red Devils did it 10 years ago.  

WHAT’S NEXT? Liverpool face Huddersfield (H), Newcastle (A) and lastly, Wolves (H) while City play against Burnley (A), Leicester (H) and Brighton (A) – and if recent team forms are any indication, both teams are likely to resume their winning streak against those teams.

But let’s not forget what’s at stake slightly lower in the table, where Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal and MU battle it out for 3rd and 4th place to guarantee a slot in the Champions League.

GAMES TO WATCH: Well, at this rate, all of ‘em but here are some of the big ones – Manchester United vs Chelsea (28th April, Sunday, 11.30PM @ Astro Supersport 3 CH816/834), Leicester vs Chelsea (12th May, Sunday, 10PM @ Astro Arena CH801/802) and Spurs vs Everton (12th May, Sunday, 10PM @ Astro GO).



THE LOWDOWN: It does seem like the season of the underdogs, specifically because of Tottenham and Ajax. Last season, Spurs who have never won the league didn’t even make it past the group stage and while Ajax has won the Champions League 4 times before, their last trophy lift was in 1995.

This year’s biggest surprise would have to be Ajax defeating Real Madrid – you know, the team that has won the last three years. And the manner in which they got whooped was quite a spectacle too with a mad comeback on aggregate.

So while the two titans Barcelona and Liverpool battle it out in the other semi-final fixture, Spurs and Ajax take on each other, with what many are predicting to result in a Barcelona vs Ajax final.

If Barcelona win it however, it would be their 6th ever Champions League title with the last one in 2015 while Liverpool (who have the most wins of all English teams) would also claim their 6th trophy should they win this season. Either way, we will finally have a new champion after 3 years!


Spurs vs Ajax
, May 1, 3AM @ beIN Sports Max CH841
Barcelona vs Liverpool, May 2, 3AM @ beIN Sports Max CH841
Liverpool vs Barcelona, May 8, 3AM @ beIN Sports Max CH841
Ajax vs Spurs, May 9, 3AM @ beIN Sports Max CH841

UEFA Champions League Final, June 2, 3AM @ beIN Sports Max CH841



THE LOWDOWN: Let’s face it, everyone’s just fighting for a guaranteed spot for the Champions League and to achieve that, one would have to win the Europa League. The two English teams who have made it to the semi-finals, Arsenal and Chelsea take on Valencia and Eintracht respectively, so it comes as no surprise that many are expecting an all-English final.

Chelsea have only won it once before, back in 2013 while Arsenal have yet to get a whiff of the trophy. But it’s worth noting that Arsenal’s current manager, Unai Emery has not one, not two, but THREE straight Europa League victories under his belt when he was managing Sevilla – so you can bet your ass he’s aiming for that fourth with Arsenal.

 Frankfurt vs Chelsea, May 3, 3am @ beIN Sports CH837 *TBC*
Chelsea vs Eintracht​ Frankfurt, May 10, 3am @ beIN Sports CH837 *TBC*
Arsenal vs Valencia, May 3, 3am @ beIN Sports Max CH841
Valencia vs Arsenal, May 10, 3am @ beIN Sports Max CH841

UEFA Europa League Final, May 29, 7pm @ beIN Sports Max CH841


Excited yet? We sure are! The leagues are coming to an exciting end with plenty at stake and there’s only one place you can and should catch all the action: the Astro Sports Pack, of course.

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