HUAWEI Wants To Give You USD20k And A New P30 Pro Smartphone For Your Beautiful Photos


Easiest competition in the world!

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HUAWEI Wants To Give You USD20k And A New P30 Pro Smartphone For Your Beautiful Photos
Love taking photos using your smartphone but you don’t know what to do with them except scrolling through them when you’re bored? Wish you could showcase your masterpieces to the world instead of letting them rot in your Gallery app?

Here’s some good news for you: HUAWEI is giving you the chance to become the superstar photographer you’re destined to be.

The smartphone manufacturer is calling for all consumers to join its annual photography contest, ‘HUAWEI Rewrites the Rules of Photography’.
It’s very simple to join: all you have to do is take a picture with any HUAWEI smartphone and stand a chance to win units of the HUAWEI P30 Pro, HUAWEI nova 4, HUAWEI WATCH GT (46mm Edition), and more.
The stakes are raised as all submissions can also be entered into the NEXT-Image Awards to win a cash prize of USD20,000 (RM82,380) and other fantastic prizes.

What is the NEXT-Image Awards?

Introduced in 2017, the NEXT-Image Awards’ main goal is to celebrate and recognise the masterpieces submitted by the next generation of photographers using the next generation of tools, which, in this case, a smartphone.
Consisting of six conceptual categories below, these awards aim to explore the possibilities of next-generation visual expressions and culture, all through the lens of a HUAWEI smartphone.
Remember, you can submit one photo into various categories!
Faces Experimenting with identity and the power of portraiture
Going the Distance Discovering new places and new experiences by using new features of the smartphone camera, for instance tele-lens, super wide angle or macro-shooting
Hello, Life! Sharing the emotion or the inspiration in everyday experiences
Storyboard Telling a story in 9 frames – a grid of photos that develop a meaningful or intriguing narrative
#Emotion Tag Expressing instant emotions by means of photography
Life Now Filming stories in less than 30 seconds.

How do you enter the contest?

It’s literally as easy as one, two, three. Head on over to the official NEXT-Image Awards submission site by clicking here and follow these three simple steps:
  1. Capture a picture that best showcases your creativity with any HUAWEI smartphones. Ensure that the watermark option is enabled.
  2. Come up with a caption that describes your picture.
  3. Upload the picture onto your social media platforms with selected hashtags.
That’s it, you’re now in the running to win the cash prize and a brand-new HUAWEI P30 Pro smartphone.  Easy, right?
Here are some of the photos shot that you can refer to and bring the inspiration to shoot awesome photos for the NEXT-Image Awards:

Check out all the details.

Sunset is so beautiful.

Vibrant colours for vibrant moths.
Gorgeous night modes.

Give them your best pose.
To sweeten the deal, HUAWEI will be rewarding every NEXT-Image Awards submission with a RM50 voucher.
So, really, there’s no reason to wait any longer. If you own a HUAWEI smartphone and you have 128GB worth of photos in your Gallery, why not submit them to the NEXT-Image Awards? Who knows, you might be the next great thing in photography.

For more information, follow HUAWEI on Facebook by giving this page a ‘Like’.

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