Take Amazing Night Photos With These Simple Tips


Be a pro when the sun goes down.

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Take Amazing Night Photos With These Simple Tips
Let’s face it guys; taking gorgeous photos at night is easier said than done.

First, you need to have a camera or a smartphone (like the HUAWEI P30 Pro, for example) that is capable of taking night shots.

Most importantly, you need the skills if you want to master the art night photography.

Fret not, guys; follow these five simple tips and you’ll become a pro at taking night photos: 

#1 Keep the camera incredibly steady

Keep it steady at all times.
The most important rule of taking photos at night is to keep your camera – and your hands – extremely steady. When you’re taking photos at night, your camera needs a little bit more time to snap a photo because of its slower shutter speed, which allows enough light in to get a decent exposure. So, if you accidentally move the camera during that process, your picture will turn out blurry. Keep your phone and hand steady at all times.

Pro tip: Lean your phone against a wall or a railing to keep it steady. You could also invest in a tripod.

#2 Find a light source

A light source can be your best friend.
Sure, you want a night photo, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go out and just shoot something in pure darkness. All you’re going to get is a dark, grainy picture. Instead, look for a light source to illuminate your subject. Streetlights, for example, are perfect light sources. The light will draw attention to your subject, while the darker empty area surrounding it acts like a frame.

Pro tip: Keep an eye out for interesting backdrops with a light source, like a neon sign or a ‘Keluar’ sign.

#3 Get the timing right

Find the right time.
When you want to capture a night shot, you don’t have to necessarily do it at night. For example, when you take a photo with the sun just below the horizon, you’ll get the effect of a night shot, but with some colourful details in the sky. When you take a photo just before the sun comes up, you’ll get a blue ‘filter’ in your photo. Combine that with the yellow street lights, you’ll get an amazing colour scheme.

Pro tip: If you noticed that the day has been extremely hot with little to no clouds in the sky, quickly grab your camera as chances are, you’ll get a gorgeous purple and orange sky.

#4 Make use of the flash

The flash can also be your best friend.
Rule number one in night photography, right? If it’s dark, use the flash. However, the reason why we don’t use the flash function enough is because the light will be flat and harsh (if you’ve taken a photo in a dark restaurant with the flash on before, you’ll know what we mean). To remedy that, try placing a piece of paper over the flash. It should soften the light, giving your subject a more natural ‘glow’.
Pro tip: Try using coloured-filter paper for some extra dramatic shots.  

Now that you’ve learned some cool night photography tips (you can thank us later), why not test your skills out by participating in HUAWEI’s Next-Image Awards?

First introduced in 2017, the photography contest was created to celebrate and recognise the masterpieces submitted by the next generation of photographers using the next generation of tools, which, in this case, a smartphone.

HUAWEI is looking for the best photos in these six categories: Faces, Going The Distance, Storyboard, #Emotion Tag, Hello, Life! and Life Now.

Your entries will be judged by a panel of experienced professional photographers, so yeah, the competition is legit.

The competition is now open, and you have until 31 July to submit your entries with the shortlist being announced on 15 August. The overall winner will then be announced in mid-September. 

Speaking of winners, the grand prize winner will walk away with a USD20,000 (RM82,300) cash prize, as well as an invite to attend the highly-esteemed Paris Photo 2019 fair. Also, there’s a chance that your winning masterpiece will be displayed for all to see at the photo fair too.

Not just that, the person will also get to bring home a HUAWEI P30 Pro smartphone.

So, what are you waiting for? If you think you have what it takes, start submitting your entries by clicking on this link.

Alternatively, if you want to improve your smartphone photography skills first, we have you covered as well. Here are some simple tips you could pick up to help you take the best and the most vibrant pictures.

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