A Cafe In Sydney Has Just Introduced Something Called The 'Mi Goreng Toastie'

Yay or nay?

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A Cafe In Sydney Has Just Introduced Something Called The 'Mi Goreng Toastie'

Do we need it?

We thought having mee goreng with rice was weird, but a cafe in Sydney has one-upped traditional Indonesian Nasi Ambeng (also famous in Johor) with their 'mi goreng toastie'.

Dutch Smuggler, a cafe located in Sydney, first introduced the possibly artery-clogging toastie last year for a limited time but decided to give it a permanent spot on its menu since people seemed to love it. 

And get this: the 'mi goreng toastie' was even voted as one of Sydney's best sandwiches of 2019 by Australia's Good Food guide, Stuff reported. 

The eggs look perfect!
The sandwich is obviously loaded with carbs, but that's not all it's about. 

The noodle itself is fried in a similar way to the ones you'll find at your favourite mamak, topped with what looks like perfectly cooked sunny side up, cheddar cheese and their "homemade special sauce". 

All these ingredients that are usually pretty good on their own are then sandwiched between two pieces of toasted bread. 

To be honest, the pictures looks amazing and people who've shared their views on Instagram seem to agree. 



Mi goreng toastie - the cheese pulls were goooooood 🤤 #dutchsmuggler #migorengtoastie #sydneyeats

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If you're in Sydney and wish to try it, it's only AUD9.50 (RM27.50) or you can try make it at home.

After all, it's not that hard to find the ingredients here.

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