You Can Own A House In This Small Italian Town For Less Than RM5

Some of the houses are over 3,200 square feet.

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You Can Own A House In This Small Italian Town For Less Than RM5
Are you planning to buy a new home?

If you're feeling hopeless looking at the property market here in Malaysia, you may want to consider a certain town halfway across the world.

You could end up with a house that cost less than a bowl of curry mee!

In a little town called Mussomeli in central Sicily, Italy, the locals are selling abandoned homes for €1. That's only RM4.65 for an entire house!

This town is located a short distance away from the temples of Agrigento.
Sounds like a scam, right? Think again.

According to South China Morning Post, there are more than 100 houses that are being advertised on this website.

No matter the size, all the houses up for sale come with the same price tag, including one as large as 3,229 square feet.

But why are these properties being sold at such a low price?

A property agent in Mussomeli, Valeria Sorce, said that some of the owners had moved away to work and settle in bigger cities.

So, one way to ensure that this vast number of homes doesn't stay abandoned for too long.

However, there are obvious pros and cons of buying such a cheap property.

Some reported that buyers of these homes would have to renovate them within three years or risk losing their deposit that could cost around USD8,000 (RM33,200).

Straight out of a movie set.
Having said that, the town's municipality has reportedly yet to decide whether any deposit will be charged to buy the houses.

But buyers would, of course, have to manage the refurbishment, that could cost between €20,000 (RM93,000) and €100,000 (RM465,000).

This small, quiet and peaceful town could be a wonderful vacation or retirement destination because there are restaurants, pubs, hospitals, schools and supermarkets here.

It's not exactly a ghost town, so why not?

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