5 Reasons Why We Love Our Glamping Experience At Lost World Of Tambun

Glamping, a far more luxurious experience than traditional camping.

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5 Reasons Why We Love Our Glamping Experience At Lost World Of Tambun
Living, studying and working in the city can sometimes drain your mind, soul and spirit. Hence the reason we crave for a getaway every once in a while to restore, revive and rejuvenate.
So, how about spending the weekend under the stars? Minus the discomfort you tend to associate with camping, which you’re probably already picturing right now.
We’re talking about glamping.
Glamping is a form of camping that incorporates accommodation and facilities that are far more luxurious than traditional camping.
Step into the world of glamping.
Of course, we use the term “luxurious” loosely here because anything can be considered a luxury when compared to pitching a tent.
The luxuries may vary from simple necessities to downright five-star amenities under the night sky.
That being said, we recently had our first five-billion-star hotel experience in Lost World of Tambun.
Just looking at all the greenery gives us so much peace.
You may have visited the popular family holiday destination in Ipoh for their Amusement Park and Water Park, but did you know that they have an entire section dedicated to glamping?
The good people at Lost World of Tambun treated us to an overnight stay at one of their canggih tents for glamping and here is why we want to go back again in the near future.

#1 Location

The glamping spot is located strategically at the heart of Lost World of Tambun.
You can choose from a number of tents pitched on different parts of the dedicated area. Whether you prefer a tent with lots of surrounding trees or overlooking a lake, each tent gives off a different look and feel.
Some tents also have a little balcony for guests to relax and unwind.
We were given one situated right in front of the lake and we wish we could wake up to a view like this every morning.
And this very lake is where you can go on activities like kayaking, ziplining and rope course. The staff are always available to attend to your needs should you be interested to “fly” across the waters or row away.
Flying over this lake is not as scary as you would imagine.
But, of course, the highlight of this glamping location is the fact that the Amusement Park and Water Park are just a stone’s throw away. So, you can just walk around and go on any ride you want as long as the parks are open.
When night falls, Lost World of Tambun stays alive as you can visit the Hot Springs Park and go for a nice, hot steam. Some of the water activities also remain open all the way until 11pm. So, if you don’t like playing under the sun, you can opt for a swim under the moon and stars.

#2 Peaceful

Camping is always a good time to really get away from the city and attempt a bit of digital detox. We enjoyed sitting outside on the table and chairs provided at each tent, chatting away while overlooking the waters.

Can we have this at home too? 
Don’t worry, there are canopies above the outdoor tables to shed you from the sun or rain. We had a full-on barbeque dinner here while it was raining!

If you want a BBQ dinner, just tell the staff on duty and they'll prepare everything for you.
The food was delicious and they were very generous with the portions as well.
Speaking of the rain, we were initially slightly concerned when the weather got worse during the night because we didn't want to wake up being blown away. But despite the strong winds and rain, the tent stayed secure and steady. Phew!
We didn't get blown away!
There is also a traditional massage place next to the lake for those who are longing for a relaxing self-pampering session.
What's a relaxing getaway without some self-pampering massage?
Some of us got lost in there.
Nevertheless, if you find yourself struggling to stay disconnected and you are just itching to post an Instagram Story or two, Wi-Fi is available at all the tents with surprisingly fast connection.
That’s the beauty of glamping, you get the best of both worlds!

#3 Comfortable

On the outside, these tents may look like your average tents for camping, but the interior reminds us of three-star hotel rooms.
There are standing fans facing each bed, and if you think that is not enough for our humid weather, there is also a portable air cooler to circulate the air in the tent!
It got so cold at night, we had to turn off the air cooler.
Since it was raining during most of our stay there, the fans were just nice for us. Contrary to popular belief, the nights can get pretty cooling even in our country.
Gone are the days of bringing lamps to camps.
Besides that, there are additional power sockets available in the tent to charge all your devices. So, you don’t have to go a day with a dead phone because we know how that feels!
We also appreciate the mirror, hangers and drawers provided that acts as a mini vanity area.
We don't expect you to bring your whole wardrobe, even for glamping.
Here is our favourite thing about the tent: the beds!
Another beautiful thing about glamping is that you don’t have to worry about sleeping in claustrophobic sleeping bags and feeling the tiny rocks and rubbles underneath your back.
Our tent came with one king-sized bed and two single beds fit for four people and boy, were the beds comfortable, we nearly missed breakfast the next morning!
There are mosquite nettings all around to protect you from getting bitten.Come and chill indoors and outdoors.
Basically, glamping provides a near-authentic camping experience with maximum comfort.

#4 Convenient

Although we did mention that the glamping section is only a walking distance away from the other parts of Lost World of Tambun, the park provides buggy service for all glamping guests.
While we loved the idea of walking around and hitting our 10,000-step goal over the weekend, sometimes, it is nice to be driven around even while camping.
By now, you must be wondering about toilets. Well, they are not exactly inside the tents for obvious reasons.
However, there are shower facilities and washrooms located just a minute’s walk away from the glamping area, and they are very clean and well-equipped, including showers with water heater!
Wash your dirty feet before stepping into your tent.
This surely takes us back to camping days back in school, without the inconvenience and discomfort of the traditional form. No offence to our teachers and alma mater!
By the way, there are towels and toiletries provided in the tents as well, enough for everyone. So, you don't have to pack a bunch of toiletries and towels for your little getaway.

They've thought of everything you will need.
Remember to stay hydrated too.
There is also a place to hang your wet clothes, especially after an adventure out at the Water Park. How thoughtful!

Yes, that's a shoe rack right there too.
Other than that, there is also a cafeteria within the same area to fulfill all your supper cravings at night. So, this camping adventure certainly offers everything you need within reach!

#5 Value for Money

Last but not least, you may be surprised to know that this luxurious camping experience will not break your bank.
Take a walk down memory lane.
Lost World of Tambun offers affordable packages for groups of two, four and more. Besides the glamping stay, the packages also include buffet breakfast at the Garden Terrace, theme park entrance for two days, as well as access to the Hot Springs Park at night.
We don’t know about you, but that surely sounds like a bang for your buck. For more details on the pricing, check out Lost World of Tambun’s official website.

Overall, we had a wonderful time glamping at Lost World of Tambun. We highly recommend this activity for adventure junkies who want to experience the highs of camping, without the lows.

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