[VIDEO] Clueless: Style Lessons To Take Away From Movie-Inspired Fashion

Oh So Fesyen! Learn to dress to impress by taking some style cues from Cher Horowitz on how to be ‘90s chic and fabulous.

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[VIDEO]  Clueless: Style Lessons To Take Away From Movie-Inspired Fashion
The saying does go, “what goes around comes around” and it may be intended to describe karma but it works remarkably to describe the fashion cycle. Trends that were once considered modern and daring eventually do become old and ugly only to be reborn and reworked decades later. Less than 20 years later, fashion that was considered hip in the ‘90s is once again cool today! Whether it’s on the catwalk or the street or in stores – ‘90s trends are appearing again all over the place.
Fashion in the '90s brought a youthful carefree spirit which did dabble in rebellion and everyone wanted to embrace the “too cool to care” attitude – creating a juxtaposition of femininity and masculinity. Plaid, denim, dungarees, print, layering, mom jeans, ripped boyfriend jeans - you get the drift. Music and fashion went hand-in-hand and iconic films like Clueless inspired trends like miniskirts, knee-high socks and platform shoes in creating a tailored schoolgirl look.
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Very few movies fuelled our ‘90s fashion fascination quite as much as Clueless because honestly, is there a single one of those outfits that Horowitz wore throughout the movie that isn’t fabulous? The answer is no, from Cher’s iconic yellow showgirl plaid outfit to her sexy thigh-high socks and miniskirts. Clueless is one of those films that stick with you growing up as a teenaged girl in the ‘90s. Girls would emulate the clothing on these girls on screen, attempting to re-create that girly, preppy, time-agnostic aesthetic that made it one of our generation’s most influential fashion films. Clueless is more than just a movie, it is a handbook on how to essentially survive high school. Teaching us about relationships, friendships and fashion (most notably), it’s the “teenage Bible” on how to slay the high school fashion scene with killer getups. 

We present to you our fashion video segment, Oh So Fesyen! featuring the vibrant and fun-loving, Denise Chan (host, voiceover talent and radio announcer) dressed to slay in '90s-inspired outfits even Cher would approve of! 


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