What Do Mothers Want For Mother's Day? We Ask Malaysian Moms

Happy Mother's Day, all moms out there.

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What Do Mothers Want For Mother's Day? We Ask Malaysian Moms
Mother's Day is just around the corner, so it is time to pamper your mom. 

It's a day where moms all around the world can kick up their legs, relax and be pampered all day round.

But what do mothers really want for Mother's Day?

We ask a few Malaysian moms and here are their answers:

Sherlwyn Tan, 36

"As a mother, I want to have self love. Because you can only love your child as much as you love yourself."

Aclyn Wong, 61

“What I really want is to be surrounded by my whole family, especially my first grandson.”

Sham Maarof, 61
"I want all my anak-anak to call me everyday."

Sherin Kaur, 33

"What I really want for Mother's Day is to have nice a brunch date with the family, including my mum and mum-in-law celebrating all mums. To gather everyone in one sitting, just spending time and sharing stories and having a handmade gift from the little one will make Mother's Day that more meaningful."

Andrea Wong, 29 (mother-to-be, due on Mother’s Day, 12 May)

“I want to give birth to a healthy baby; naturally and painlessly.”


Balqies Arafia, 30

“I would like a quiet moment just watching the kids play together nicely without making a mess.”

Aneet Dhillon, 34

"This year, I want to go out for a cake brunch, get a tea/coffee and cake treat with my mom and my girls. My mum deserves a treat with her daughter, and me with my girls. I’d like dessert of MY choice, not just chocolate. I want my girls to be able to play around (a café with a pretty play area is a winner!) while we eat because getting them both to sit still for a brunch is nearly impossible. And, to squeeze a quick photo to update my mundane Insta-profile. And I will just pray for a 1.5 hour Netflix time this Sunday to watch a chick-flick movie without my eldest asking me to watch SING with for the 10th time that week."

Junaini bt Mohd Said, 56


"I want my children to bring me travel the whole world." 

Eunice Bong, 40

"I actually wish to a have proper dinner with my kids. You know why? 'Cos kids just finished their first term exams, and mommy and daddy were too busy with work. And chasing kids for their school activities, tuition and ensure they get a great sleep. So, I need a proper dinner (not fine dining lah); maybe about two, three hours so that we can spend time together while enjoying food. And kids can talk as much as they can."

Ashreen Abu Bakar, 54

"I want my children to sponsor my mom and I to a trip around Europe." 

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!

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