Tips To Take The Best Low-Light Photos Using The Huawei P30 Series!


Bright like day.

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Tips To Take The Best Low-Light Photos Using The Huawei P30 Series!
Find it too difficult to take nice photos in the dark? The HUAWEI P30 Series will solve that problem for you!

Even if you are in a dim environment, you can still capture an incredible super low-light photo. Not just that, you could record a video in the dark too!

Find out more about the low-light mode in the HUAWEI P30 Series: 

The Light Evolution of the HUAWEI P30 Series

The colour sensing rule has been rewritten by HUAWEI, from RGGB to RYYB for more light in all your images. HUAWEI's SuperSpectrum sensor now contributes a 40 per cent light increase, and with the ISP of the Kirin 980 and the self-developed algorithm, it provides a clear preservation of your memories during the day or night.

You can see the unseen in the dark with HUAWEI P30 Pro! Photos taken in the dim environment or in the dark completely:

Photo: Fan JunPhoto: Fan Jun
Also, it’s not a problem record a video in the dark! Take a look at how incredible the video recording look:

You can try this too! Follow the steps below to activate the video recording mode in the HUAWEI P30 Series:

Step 1: Turn on [Camera] app in a dim environment
Step 2: Select [Video] mode
Step 3: Capture the colourful and detailed dark view
Everyone can become a professional photographer with the HUAWEI P30 Series. It is simple and easy to capture night shots now!

The photos below are taken in a dim and totally dark environment.

Photo: Amsyar NaaifAmazing night shot with HUAWEI P30 Series, reflects the prosperity of the city.

Photo: Carson
Stunning aurora shot with HUAWEI P30 Pro, capture the breathtaking moment.

Photo: Liu Sangen
Discover the wonderland in the starry night. Let the moment lasts forever in your mind!

Photo: Liu Sangen
Brighten the rich layers in the underground world with HUAWEI P30 Pro.

The power of super low-light mode in the HUAWEI P30 Series

Other than recording the joy of the night, you can also capture the beauty in the dark. With the HUAWEI P30 Series, taking a perfect photo in the dark is not a problem anymore. 

HUAWEI P30 & P30 Pro retail the price of RM2,699 and RM3,799 respectively, and can be purchased at all HUAWEI Brand Stores and major telco companies.

In conjunction with Ramadhan season, the HUAWEI Online Official is offering amazing deals and surprises when you purchase the P30 Series.

Particularly, purchasing a HUAWEI P30 on the official online store will entitle you to a free Wireless Charging Caseand a HUAWEI Wireless Charger, while the HUAWEI P30 Pro comes with a free HUAWEI Talkband B5 (worth RM599).

On top of that, any purchases that exceed the amount of RM1,500 will also provide you lucky draw chance to win a pair of return flight tickets to Tokyo, Japan!

For more information, please click on this link here.

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