Flying Without Wings: Meet The Pilot With No Arms!

You can do anything if you put your heart into it!

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Flying Without Wings: Meet The Pilot With No Arms!
Facebook/Jessica Cox

The sky is the limit for Jessica Cox.

If you need a some sort of inspiration to get you through the week, here’s one that might just do the trick.

Meet Jessica Cox, a pilot from the United States who maneuvers planes with her feet.

The 36-year-old doesn't only rely on her feet to fly planes, she also plays the piano, drives a car and learnt martial arts with the help of her legs.

Kicking her disability in the butt.
This is because Cox was born with no arms, but she didn't let her disabilty stop her from pursuing her dreams.

In fact, Cox is not only a pilot, but also a certified scuba diver and a third-degree black belt holder in taekwondo. She has also traveled to more than 20 countries as a motivational speaker.

Cox is also a taekwondo black belt holder.
According to a report by CNN, Cox had always been terrified of planes, but she learnt to overcome her fear.

She said one flight in particular changed how she look at planes.

"The pilot brought me to the front of the plane. The plane has dual controls. ... He took his hands off of the control and let me do the flying. Even if something is scary to you, it's important that we face it,” she was quoted as saying.

Overcoming her fears.
Cox later began training to become a pilot and in 2008, she was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly an Ercoupe, a light sport aircraft. 

She said that throughout her life, she looked up to role models and leaders and now, it’s her responsibility to be the same for the next generation.

"I often think about if I could go back and change my life so that I was born with arms -- first of all, my life would be completely different, and one of the things that I see is so powerful is because I live my life the way I do, it has this tremendous impact on other people," she was quoted as saying.

How inspiring!

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