Seven Must-Watch 2019 Hari Raya Ads

You’ll laugh and you’ll cry.

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Seven Must-Watch 2019 Hari Raya Ads

Which ad is your favourite?

The Hari Raya festive season is approaching soon, and by soon, we mean it's just a couple of days aways!

This usually means that corporate brands are now racing against each other to release their long-anticipated Hari Raya advertisements.
We’ve watched a few of them; some got us laughing until our tummy aches and some got us tearing up at the end.
And if you haven’t watched any, here’s our top five must-watch Hari Raya ad.

#1 Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)

Over the years, we really enjoyed watching TNB’s humorous take on Hari Raya. Maintaining a similar theme to last year – a big gathering for Eid, this year they’re back and this time they’re on a convoy to visit 10 houses on the first day of Hari Raya.

#2 Petronas

If you’re looking forward to tear-jerking ads, you can always leave it to Petronas. This year’s ad may resonate with Negri Sembilan natives the most they have decided to use the ‘nogori’ slang. The ad tells the tale of a girl trying to cook her mom’s rendang. Will she succeed? Well, let’s just say the ending will have an unexpected plot twist.

#3 Al-Quran Humaira

Being in a long-distance relationship is very challenging, especially if you’re married. It takes effort and commitment from both parties to make it work. But what if you start taking your significant other for granted? Will it be too late to seek for forgiveness?


A young man misses his bus at one of the R&R stops as he tries to help return a mobile phone he had found in the toilet. He finally meets the owner, an old uncle, and pleads with him to give him a ride back to his hometown for Hari Raya. The uncle seems ‘garang’ at first but softens in the end. You guys should really watch this funny mini road trip. 

#5 Mr. DIY

Mr.DIY goes a different route for their Hari Raya ad this year by taking inspiration from a classic P. Ramlee movie, ‘Labu Labi’. It tells the tale of their boss who wants to organise a special open house for their VVVVIP guests. The ending will change your perception of how stingy Haji Bakhul can be.

#6 Watsons 

Watsons' entry this Hari Raya include comedic dance moves, hilarious exchanges and of course, some Hari Raya glam.

#7 Astro

We'll end this year's Raya ad line up with this hilarious ad from Astro. The ad hilariously features seven characters you'll typically meet in a family when Hari Raya is near. 

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