This One-Of-A-Kind Hijab Was Recently Sold For RM50,000!

Wah, can buy a car or a house!

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This One-Of-A-Kind Hijab Was Recently Sold For RM50,000!
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Made of diamonds, issit?

If you think dUCk Scarves has the most expensive hijab range in the market, that’s where you’re wrong, boys and girls.
How would you react if you see a hijab being sold with five digit price tag?
If it was us, we’d check the price tag twice or thrice for a typo or a missing full stop punctuation, but nope - the world's most expensive hijab is a real thing and it's now on sale in Malaysia.
Bawal Exclusive, another local hijab brand that’s known for selling exclusive hijabs made with Swarovski stones, recently held a press conference to announce their most expensive hijab to date – one that costs a whopping RM50,000!

Got press conference some more, ok.
This makes the hijab not only the most expensive in Malaysia, but probably in the world!
The Booming Sahara hijab broke the record set by Bawal Exclusive themselves last year after another limited edition hijab went up for sale for RM33,000. Wonder if another brand wants to break the record next year.
According to the brand, the extravagant hijab is adorned with hundreds of original Swarovski crystals in a floral design. The hijab material itself was imported from Japan, the brand said.
Here's what RM50,000 looks like.
Apparently, the hijab is a one-for-one because it was custom-made for a 35-year-old businesswoman from Pahang.
Guess she must be very successful to be willing to spend that amount of money for one hijab. *Cries peasant tears*
The made-to-order hijab was booked in February at the ByQiss by Bawal Exclusive boutique in Kuantan for the upcoming Hari Raya season.
If you guys need some proof, here it is.
We guess people will be flocking to the businesswoman’s house this Hari Raya just to get a glimpse -- or touch! -- the world’s most expensive hijab.
If it was us, we would probably put it in a case and display it somewhere because there's no way we're putting RM50,000 on our head.

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