4 Tricks To Help You Take The Best Food Shots This Ramadan Season


Because cameras eat first.

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4 Tricks To Help You Take The Best Food Shots This Ramadan Season

Camera always eats first.

It’s not really a secret anymore: in this modern day and age, when it comes to food, our cameras usually eat first.

That’s the way it is, because food photography is becoming a thing, especially on social media sites such as Instagram.

And since Hari Raya is around the corner, there’s no better time to flood your Instagram page with food shots.

Yummy and colourful.
From rendang to lemang to all your favourite kuih muih, the colours of the dishes will make excellent photo subjects, don’t you think?

If you’re lacking the know-hows on how to take great food photos, fret not: we list down four tips and tricks to help you take the best food shots this Ramadan season:

#1 Make the food the star of the picture

Often times, in an attempt to show too much, we often forget that the food should be star of the picture. To take a good food shot, make sure the focus is on the food, and not the other stuff that is around the dining table. That way, it will give the impression that the food is the hero of the shot.

Pro tip: Try using Portrait mode to blur the background so the plate of food stands out.

#2 Arrange your food neatly

This goes without saying: to take a good food shot, you need your food to look nice. There’s nothing worse than a picture of a half-eaten ayam rendang on a messy table. Before you take a photo, make sure your composition is on point. Arrange your food in a neat and unique way, and then snap away.

Pro tip: Experiment with fruits and vegetables. They have a nice colour palette to give your picture a contrast of colours and you can cut them into different shapes and sizes. 

#3 Decorate the table

Sure, the food is the star, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add other elements into the picture to make it look even more interesting. Try decorating the table with smaller items, such as ingredients, spices or even cooking utensils. If you're at a Hari Raya open house, things like ketupat or colourful kuih-muih can be used to decorate the table. The contrasting colours and texture will give your food photos some additional magic.

Pro tip: Experiment shooting using the Wide-angle lens, especially if you feel like the decorations will add more texture into your picture.   

#4 Add in a human element

Including your hand or your arm into the picture frame will create a sense of presence for your picture, making it seem as though the photo was taken from their point of view. At a Hari Raya open house, try and include more hands into the picture. The picture will give off a sense of togetherness and make it livelier.

Pro tip: The easiest and most natural way to add in a human element is by showing a hand holding cutlery.

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