'Item Dispatched Out', 'Arrive At Delivery Facility'? Here's What Poslaju's Tracking Statuses Mean

Know where your parcel is.

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'Item Dispatched Out', 'Arrive At Delivery Facility'? Here's What Poslaju's Tracking Statuses Mean
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The more you know.

We know what it's like to wait anxiously for that brand new bag or the clothes you ordered online to arrive at your doorstep.

The moment you receive a tracking code for your order, you're refreshing that track-and-trace website every 15 minutes to see where your order is.

And if you're used to online shopping and getting Poslaju to deliver your orders to you, you'll be familiar with some of the terms they use, like 'Item posted over the counter' or 'Arrived at delivery facility'.

But what do they all mean? We break it down for you:

Online shoppers know.

#1 'Item posted over the counter'

What this basically means is that, your seller has just dropped off your parcel at a Poslaju branch and a worker has scanned the barcode for your item, thus capturing the data of your parcel in their system. This also means that you can breathe a sigh of relief because the seller didn't scam you.

#2 'Consignment received and processed from posting at Post Offices' 

Once you receive this status, it means that the Poslaju branch nearest to your delivery address has gotten the details of your parcel from the post office it was dropped off at. Once it reaches said Poslaju branch near you, the parcel will be sent out to be delivered to you straightaway.

#3 'Item dispatched out'

Your parcel is finally on the move! When you receive this message, it means that your parcel has left the post office the seller dropped it off at. Destination? Poslaju's Parcel Hub nearest to you. Or Narnia, whichever is closest.

Hardworking workers processing your stuff.

#4 'Item processed'

Once your parcel reaches the Parcel Hub, the workers will then process your parcel again and sort it according to the area of delivery. This is where parcels are sorted according to postcodes before being sent out to the delivery facilities nationwide.

#5 'Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office'

Your parcel is on the move again, boys and girls. This time, this status indicates that your parcel has left the parcel hub and it's on its way to the delivery facility near you.

#6 'Arrive at delivery facility at…'

Your parcel is nearly there, folks. When you see this status, it means that your brand new bag (or baju Raya) has reached the post office nearest to you, ready for delivery. At this point, you can celebrate a little because your parcel is ever so close to you.

#7 'Item out for delivery'

This is it, guys! Your parcel is on its way to you. Once you see this status, make sure that someone is available to receive the parcel. If not, your parcel will be returned to the post office and you would have to make your way there to collect it yourself.

On the way to you.

#8 'Item can be collected at…'

Sometimes, due to some unforeseen circumstances, Poslaju might not be able to deliver your parcel (or no one's home to collect the parcel, tsk!) to you. When you see this status, it means that you can make your way to the post office stated in the tracking form to personally collect it. 

#9 'Direct delivery to Ezibox'

Alternatively, the Poslaju delivery man might drop your parcel off at the nearest Ezibox facility near you instead of bringing it all the way back to the post office. In case you don't know what Ezibox is, it's basically a self pick-up locker introduced by Poslaju back in 2016. When you miss a parcel, it will be dropped off at an Ezibox facility and you'll receive an SMS with a code for you to unlock the locker and collect your parcel. You can read more about Ezibox here, in case you want to know how it works. 

#10 'Item delivered to [insert name here]'

You probably won't see this status, because you're busy trying on the baju Raya or playing that PS4 game you just received from abang Poslaju.

Right to your doorstep.

#11 'Unsuccessful delivery. Please contact 1 300 300 300. Address not available'

If you're unlucky enough to get this status, it basically means that the postman 1) couldn't find your house, 2) there's an error when you filled up your delivery  
address or 3) nobody was at home to receive your parcel. When this happens, just give the number a call and the Poslaju people will tell you where you could collect your parcel.

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Now that you know what all these statuses mean, we hope that your mind is now at ease if you're currently waiting for your parcel to arrive. 

Give them some time, we are sure you'll get your parcel soon.

PS: Shoutout to all the abang-abang and kakak-kakak Poslaju who are working around the clock to get your parcels to you this festive season. You guys are truly awesome.

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