6 Homegrown Brands You Should Check Out For Timeless And Classic Hari Raya Looks

Classic never goes out of style.

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6 Homegrown Brands You Should Check Out For Timeless And Classic Hari Raya Looks

Are you girls ready for Raya?

Have you got your Hari Raya outfits sorted out? Or are you always #TeamLastMinute?

No matter how early or late you are in preparing for Eid, you still have enough time to go shopping for your Raya clothes because “Raya kan sebulan”!

So now, you can post 30 OOTDs every day without feeling guilty.

If you’re still clueless on what to buy or what’s trending for Hari Raya this year, fret not because we’ve got your back.

Never compromise comfort for style.
For 2019, we see that a lot brands jumping on either the batik-print bandwagon or the classic cuttings of our traditional baju kurung and kebaya using quality cooling material.

To be honest, this year is our favourite because these silhouettes are not only super comfortable but it also never goes out of style.

So, here’s our top picks for the best local brands you should shop at for your Hari Raya outfits.

#1 Whimsigirl

You don't need to compromise you comfort!A whimsical Raya with Whimsigirl.
Classic and comfortable – words that could only describe Whimsigirl’s 2019 Raya collection. When we first saw the collection with our own eyes and touched the fabrics we were immediately sold. We could already imagine how comfortable and breathable our Raya will be even if we’re already at the sixth or seventh house for beraya.

Shop their collection on their website or on Fashion Valet.

Price range: RM359-RM499

#2 Parca Apparels

You can even wear 'em separately on casual days!
Batik fever has taken over Malaysia this year so it’s no surprise that everywhere you go, you’ll see someone spotting batik wear. And if you don’t know where to go to get your batik fix, Parca is the place to be. What we love about their collection is that their tops and bottoms are mostly sold separately so you’ll have ample space for creativity where you can mix and match your outfit to your heart’s content.

Shop their collection at their physical stores or online at Zalora and Fashion Valet.

Price range: RM99-RM359

#3 Nelissa Hilman X Zalora

See something you like?
Nelissa Hilman X Zalora 'Pulang' collection.
Your Hari Raya wouldn’t be complete without a pair of shoes that’ll complement the whole look, right? Nelissa Hilman’s collection in collaboration with Zalora is the perfect fit for any outfit you have. The “Pulang” collection is inspired by elements of the past with a touch of modernity. It comes in various colours and styles so there’s always a pair of shoes that’s probably your cup of tea.

Shop the collection on Zalora.

Price range: RM139-RM189


Love the pop of colour in their collection.
“Effortless, Androgynous & Thoughtful Designs” is the brand’s tagline, and it indeed mirrors their collection for Raya. This year’s collection named ‘Gandeng’ features a muted colour palette and functional designs. Anaabu also offers its customers the freedom to create their own outfit as their tops and bottoms are sold separately. Our personal favourite is the Lilit Kimono Outer which is a very versatile item that should be in every girl’s closet.

Shop their collection on their website.

Price range: RM149-RM269

#5 Cangkuk

We love the white tops!
You’d definitely “get hook’d by their look” because Cangkuk’s Raya pieces are effortless and beautiful. Their collection proves you don’t need to go over the top to look good because simplicity goes a long way. From a range of classic ivories to a hint of colour, either choice is guaranteed to make you look good for that Raya #OOTD.

Shop their collection on their website or on Fashion Valet.

Price range: RM169-RM359

#6 Maslea

Your grandma probably wore the same outfit too back then.
Maslea’s collection is the epitome of a traditional Malay woman. You’d immediately be transported back to the 60s or 70s with its loose kebarungs, intricate-patterned sarongs, and classic baju kurungs. These silhouettes are timeless and investing in one of their pieces may just benefit you in the long run.

Shop their collection online or on Fashion Valet.

Price range: RM97-RM219

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