Malaysia’s Mowgli, Syukor Khamis, Stars In His First Hari Raya Ad That’ll Make You Cry

It also features his favourite kerbau, Awang.

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Malaysia’s Mowgli, Syukor Khamis, Stars In His First Hari Raya Ad That’ll Make You Cry
Shafiq Shamsul YouTube/Red Gear Production

Congrats Syukor!

Earlier this year, a young teenager from Kuala Terengganu shot to fame after photos of him with his buffaloes went viral.

The photos not only won the judges’ hearts in a photography competition, but the hearts of Malaysians as well.

14-year-old Syukor Khamis’ bond with the animals he looks after, including his favourite buffalo Awang, is unparalleled.

The winning photo.
His connection with the buffaloes have even earned him a role in his first ever Hari Raya ad, which he stars alongside legendary actress Delimawati, who is popular for her role as Hantu Kak Limah.

The 13-minute short film titled ‘Raya Di Hujung Tanduk’ tells the story of Syukor who wages a ‘war’ against his brother who left the village to pursue his tertiary education after finding out that he intends to sell Awang.

The ending’s plot will definitely reduce you to tears, especially if you have a close bond with your brother.

We were very impressed with Syukor’s performance and felt that he’s a natural actor whose talent is waiting to be unearthed.

Syukor told mStar that his first acting experience was nerve wrecking and awkward especially since he’s acting alongside seasoned actress, Delimawati.

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“Honestly, I was excited to get the chance to act. At the same time, I was nervous because it was a new experience for me,” he told the online portal.

“I was so scared that I would fluff all my lines and be so stiff in front of the camera. But, Alhamdulillah, my co-actors and production team gave me a lot of guidance and help.”

Syukor and Delimawati.
When asked if his favourite buffalo will be sold off in real life, he said he’ll be furious.

“I just can't imagine it. Awang is part of my family now.”

Awang and two other buffaloes from his father’s farm also appear in the short film.

See how genuine his love for buffaloes is!
Syukor is also open to any acting offers in the future as long as it does not interfere with his studies.

“If I get any more offers, I will definitely consider them. I really want to play a bad boy next time,” he joked.

The SMK Midin Kuala Terengganu student will also be appearing in Astro’s upcoming telefilm for Hari Raya titled ‘Kerbau Sayang Amar’.

It certainly looks like Malaysia's very own Mowgli is going places.

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