4 Ways To Be A Hero This Hari Raya


Here is how you can cope with the festive season stress and stay positive this Raya.

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4 Ways To Be A Hero This Hari Raya
Every festive season is something we always look forward to, especially in a country like Malaysia with a colour variety of holidays to celebrate. 

However, preparing for these celebrations can be very stressful and chaotic at times, including the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Whether it is the last-minute shopping for baju Raya, baking cookies at the eleventh hour or trying to book flight tickets to balik kampung, the days leading up to the actual holiday can drive us up the wall.

Nevertheless, we look up to those who are able to rise to the challenge and turn a stressful situation into a positive one following these qualities:


As the Malay saying goes, bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh (united we stand, divided we fall). Always be ready to offer help whenever it is needed, typically your family members. Don't just mind your own business and be too busy playing with your phones. This way, everyone in the family can have a joyful and blessed celebration.


The first thing to remember when you're caught in an unfortunate situation is to not panic. Stay calm and brainstorm ways to solve the problem. Always be open to adapt and make changes if necessary because if you stick to that the one even when it doesn't work out, chances are you will be left feeling miserable for the rest of the celebration. We don't want that to happen now, do we?


Moments like Hari Raya is the best time to spend time with our family. When we are too busy or preoccupied on a daily basis, we tend to take our loved ones for granted. So, whether you are living with your family or not, near or far, remember to always be thankful for them, seek their forgiveness and stay humble.


Be as proactive as possible during the festive season because this is the time when everyone needs to play their part in making the occasion a successful one. Take the lead when an issue arises, make use of resources that are available and make the best out of the situation. It helps to have one less problem to worry about.
If you want to know how a typical family would tackle unexpected problems on Hari Raya, follow Ahmad as he returns back to his hometown and watch how he copes with his family's situation. Be a #URRaya Hero by using C.A.R.E!

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So, let's follow this C.A.R.E. framework for a blessed Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

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