Can You Talk The "Talk"?

Millennial slang that you know and should know.

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Can You Talk The

Slang is a type of language used by a particular group of people.

Slang, as described by Oxford Dictionaries, is a type of language consisting of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal. Every day, new ‘slangs’ are formed from just about anything and it seems imperative these days to get to know them in order to understand some table conversations or chats. Here are some of millennial’s latest slang that we picked up over the web. Do you know of these and have you used them before?


Tea is about exchanging hot gossip. Commonly used in a sentence, 'spill the tea’. In latest practice, the term ‘you spill that tea’ is more of ‘You tell them, girl!’ or in some instances, on Twitter, you can find users agreeing with other statements by just tweeting the word TEA!


Shook is no longer the past tense of shake but is now the term that expresses shocked. There is no confirmation if this trend started off as a typo but it definitely got everyone ‘shooked’ when it started trending.


No sir, it ain’t about how much salt is put in your meal but it has everything to do about you being all offended by another person’s comment. Salty, is used to describe someone that is unhappy with you.



If someone says, mood, don’t expect a continuation to that sentence because that is their own way of telling you how they can relate to your situation or story. If ever put in a sentence, it would sound a little like this; “Dude, that dog is my #mood!, #Mood, bro!,This song is #mood." So yes, you can now communicate with just one word to express how you can relate to the subject matter. Mood.



The full term, wig snatched, is an over-the-board exaggeration of one’s reaction towards something amazing. Rumoured to originate from the drag community, when one gets overly excited or amazed by something, their instant reaction is to whip that wig off and cheer. Seems like Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair’ has gotten to a whole new level.



There is no sassier way to agree or approve of something than to say, “Yas!” No matter what tone you use to say it, ‘Yas’ can never go wrong and will forever be sassy. So, don’t run from it and just go with it. Yas!


Nope, its not that cute little farm animal that goes ‘bek-bek’ at you but it is an acronym for Greatest of All Time! You heard that right, G.O.A.T! It is said to be a common reference in sports that it is even traced back to boxer Muhammad Ali. So, if someone calls you a goat, you might want to check back if they are referring to the animal or G.O.A.T before reacting to it.



Unless you have been living under a rock, you would not have missed this one. Lit is used to describe an out-of-the-world experience, an out-of-the-world person, an out-of-the-world place, basically, anything out of this world. “She so lit!” “That party was lit, you should have been there!” “Disneyland be so lit, I cried when Mickey Mouse waved at me.” Lit.



Savage is as the original meaning of the word, just without blood or actually injuring people… physically. In conversations today, savage is used when a person is brutally honest about someone’s opinion or the person itself. In some way, if you are on-point sarcastic, you can be referred to as, Savage!


When a person says they stan, means they are ABSOLUTELY in support of a particular person. In some ways, you can consider stan as an overzealous or obsessive fan but in most cases, it just applies as a fan’s way of saying they support a particular celebrity. Beware of the capslock STAN. Having it capslock simply means you are ready to give people a list of why you’re supporting a particular celebrity.


With this current generation, you can’t quench thirst with just water! When someone is THIRSTY, they can be thirsty for a lot of things. Like, you can be thirsty for some more Chris Hemsworth (Not as depressed overweight Thor, but like six-pack Thor). Thirsty is also commonly used to describe someone that is desperately looking for approval. Like being thirsty for more Instagram followers.


Sorry, ARMYs, we are not talking about your BTS hit song but the all time millennial slang, DOPE. Dope is a millennial way of saying, “That’s cool, bro.” So, if you find a situation, a person or even a song cool, don’t forget to use #Dope as a way to share your approval on it.


Sayang, darling, baby, bi? No, no. It’s bae! Bae is every millennial’s ‘cutesy’ pet name for their loved ones. Some say that bae is actually an acronym that stands for ‘before anyone else’. Whatever it is, if you’ve got another half, bae is the word to use.


Adulting is as it means. A way for us to describe how we have passed that teen stage and we have to start paying for our own bills, doing our own laundry or even making our own bed! At this point of our millennial timeline, the parental nagging increases parallel to responsibilities.

Most of these are pretty much infused into our daily conversations. At some point, someone should compile them and create a Slang Dictionary!  What is your commonly used slang word and what are some new ones you have come across?

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