G-Shock Just Launched A Watch Made Entirely Out Of Carbon Fibre

We want it.

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G-Shock Just Launched A Watch Made Entirely Out Of Carbon Fibre

Some carbon fibre for your wrist.

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Any motoring enthusiast worth his or her motor oil would know that carbon fibre is extensively used in the automotive, aeronautics and astronautics industries. And let’s not forget that the material is also used heavily, appropriately or not, in the watch industry.

Now counting itself among the carbon fibre-fraternity is Casio’s latest G-Shock Gravitymaster.

The new G-Shock Gravitymaster, model GWR-B1000 to be exact, features Casio’s new Carbon Core Guard that fortifies shock resistance and toughness without adding weight. The carbon fibre-reinforced resin is used to piece the case and case back into a single carbon monocoque case.

A modified plate that holds the circuit board is ensconced within the carbon case. This way, it is not only the circuit board gets protection, but the button shaft is also shielded from impacts.

This allows Casio to design this Gravitymaster without shock-resistant buttons, making the watch that much classier.

Capping it all is a bezel formed from carbon fibre. It’s designed to have gaps between it and the case that, as Casio says, allows for better shock absorption.

Titanium, another rust-resistant and lightweight material, takes the place of external parts that are not made from carbon fibre.

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Apart from being sturdy and lightweight, the Gravitymaster GWR-B1000 is also highly accurate in telling time. Using Bluetooth and radio wave reception, this watch tells the correct time no matter where you are in the world.

This Casio draws and stores power from the Sun through the Tough Solar power system, so there is less of a need to regularly wear it or go hunting for a proper set of screws and the right battery.

The Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GWR-B1000 retails for RM3,999 and comes in two colour combinations of blue-black (GWR-B1000-1A1) and grey-black (GWR-B1000-1A).

Although made for pilots, this carbon-fibre watch can find a home on the wrists of drivers.

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