Meet Malaysia’s First Female Underwater Welder Who’s Only 22-Years-Old!

Girl power all the way!

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Meet Malaysia’s First Female Underwater Welder Who’s Only 22-Years-Old!
Persatuan Pengimpal Negeri Perak

You go, girl!

Hearing any female achieving something great in male-dominated field can be very inspiring and empowering.
Those milestones not only mean the world to them but it’ll also become a catalyst for change in many years to come.
And today, that catalyst comes in a form of a Malaysian iron lady named Nur Izzati Athirah Mohammad Yusoff.
Nur Izzati is the first underwater female welder in Malaysia and what’s even more surprising is that she is only 22-years-old!
Nur Izzati is the only female in her course during her college days.
She was born and raised in Kampung Kuala Sungai Rambutan, Rantau Panjang, Perak and graduated from Kolej Vokasional Taiping. Nur Izzati was the only female student in her course.
The Perak native says that her course was challenging and she didn't receive any special treatment from her instructors although she's female. And because of that, it actually helped her adapt better and motivated her to improve herself.

Incase you’re not familiar with underwater welding; this field is considered one of “the world’s most dangerous jobs” as it involves working in a deep and risky environment with minimal visibility.
The SMK Sungai Bayor alumni’s job scope is to repair ships, dams, pipelines, offshore drilling rigs, locks and sub-sea habitats. Besides being an underwater welder, she is also an assistant instructor at Weldzone Training Centre, Seri Manjung where she completed her course.
Nur Izzati and her colleagues.
“Since small, I love to try new things and do things that test my limits. It’s just my nature,” Nur Izzati told the New Straits Times.
“I had no idea about welding when I signed up for the course. I simply I wanted to try something new,” she said.
Nur Izzati was recently featured in Viu’s original series titled “I AM WOMAN” which showcases Malaysian females who managed to breakthrough fields that are commonly dominated by men.

Let’s hope young girls and women out there will be inspired by her achievement and take up an interest in this field. Here’s to #GirlPower!

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