Boy Promises To Wear ‘Baju Kurung’ To School If He Gets 100 Retweets. Guess What Happened

That's one way to go viral.

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Boy Promises To Wear ‘Baju Kurung’ To School If He Gets 100 Retweets. Guess What Happened

Looking good, bro!

In this digital day and age, some people are willing to do whatever it takes to become an internet sensation.

For 17-year-old Muhammad Aiman Hisham, he just wants his Tweet to go viral. If he gets a 100 retweets, he promised to wear a baju kurung.

Guess what happened? This:
In the end, his post received nearly 19,000 retweets and more than 12,000 likes in less than three days!

“I didn’t expect that within half an hour, the number of responses went way beyond my expectations,” he was quoted as saying.

According to mStar, he came up with the idea to wear a baju kurung after stumbling across viral photos of girls wearing the baju Melayu.
Once his Tweet went viral, Aiman decided to wear a baju kurung to a Hari Raya event at school last Friday. 

Despite feeling shy to strut around in a baju kurung at first, he soon got used to it, before changing back to his baju Melayu during prayer time.

“Even though I went back to wearing baju melayu after that, my friends kept calling me Ayu (beautiful) because they thought I looked pretty in a baju kurung.

“My name changed from Aiman to Aimi as a result,” he told the news portal.

One of the girls.
Apparently, this is not the first time Muhammad Aiman pulled a Twitter stunt.

He told mStar that he once posted that if he can get 150 retweets, he would confess his feelings to his crush. However, he only garnered 90 retweets, which forced him to lower his target this time around.

Guess it worked out this time around.

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