dUCk Scarves Releases Their Most Expensive And Luxurious Scarf To Date, Priced At RM2,500!

We can only afford to see it online…

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dUCk Scarves Releases Their Most Expensive And Luxurious Scarf To Date, Priced At RM2,500!
dUCk Scarves

A fancy scarf for a fancy lady.

Two years ago, local scarf brand dUCk Scarves made headlines when they managed to sell out a limited-edition scarf priced at RM800 in five minutes.

Last year, they preceded that record by selling silk monogram scarves for RM1,000 apiece.

And just when you thought that they couldn’t possibly go any higher than that, dUCk Scarves drops their most expensive and glimmering scarf to date, with a price tag of RM2,500!

We know many of you might be gasping at that price tag but it’s expensive for a few reasons.

Swarovski crystals can rain on our parade.
Each chiffon scarf is adorned with a whopping 1,300 Austrian-made Xirius Rose Swarovski crystals (enough to blind your haters at night) and is complemented with a lace border. Apparently, these crystals are known as Swarovski’s “most brilliant crystal element”.

And in case you can’t get enough of that Swarovski bling, even the box that comes with the scarf has Swarovski crystals on it too.

The Luxe Chiffon Lace dUCk comes in a few delectable pastel colours that’ll definitely make your outfit shine – literally.

If you had the money, would you buy this scarf?
Some flooded dUCk’s Instagram to express their admiration for the scarves while others criticised their decision to sell it at such a price point but despite all the noise, four colours have reportedly already sold out as of 7.30am.

So, at the end of the day, some Malaysians are rich enough to afford their scarves. And if you can’t afford it, you’re just not their target market.

But let us remind you that the most expensive scarf to be sold in Malaysia to date didn’t come from dUCk Scarves, but it was sold by Bawal Exclusive for a price unfathomable to us peasants – RM50,000!

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