Malaysia's Biggest 'Hello Kitty' Fan Turns 100-Year-Old House Into Pink Paradise

Yep, everything is pink.

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Malaysia's Biggest 'Hello Kitty' Fan Turns 100-Year-Old House Into Pink Paradise
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Before and after.

Any 'Hello Kitty' fans out there? Then this story will inspire you.

A woman, who is obsessed with the cartoon character, decided to renovate a 100-year-old heritage family house and turn it into a ‘pink paradise’, which is synonym with 'Hello Kitty'.

Yes, we are talking about all things pink: from the walls, to the curtains and even the fridge cover.

Before the makeover.
According to a report The Malay Mail Online quoting mStar, the owner of the house is Hamidah Abdul Rahim, arguably Malaysia's biggest 'Hello Kitty' fan.

She told the news portal that she started living in the house, located in Kampung Kota Lama Kiri, Kuala Kangsar, Perak, three years ago, but it was a bit run down and in the midst of a renovation.

Therefore, she decided to turn it into a 'Hello Kitty' wonderland.

Even the floor is pink.
Pink fridge cover is a must have.
Pink cushion seats too.
“I was pink crazy, I wanted all areas to have the same colour featuring 'Hello Kitty'.

“I saw so many old houses that had unique designs but were abandoned and it made me sad so when I inherited this house, I took the initiative to restore it and injected some fresh and unique elements to it.

“This is my way of treasuring something valuable,” she was quoted as saying.

This is the girliest room we've seen.
Yep, it's not complete until you have pink containers.
Like, everything's so pink.
To date, Hamidah told the Malay portal that she has spent RM10,000 to furnish the house with pink home accessories.

On top of that, the shopping centre deejay who works in the capital revealed that she spent an additional RM10,000 on home accessories to furnish the place.

However, she said she’s not done decorating the house yet, so we can expect the house to become pink-er.

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