Boba Beer Is Proof That The Bubble Tea Trend Has Gone Too Far

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Boba Beer Is Proof That The Bubble Tea Trend Has Gone Too Far
Facebook/The Beer Factory

Has this trend gone too far?

Unless you've been living in a cave or entombed in ice for 70 years like Captain America, you would know that bubble tea is the hottest, most in trend thing right now.

Everywhere you go, you'll very likely bump into someone sucking 'em boba balls.

In fact, the demand for boba tea is so great, we have been introduced to a wide variation of boba tea-inspired dishes/beverages.

This GIF has nothing to do with the story; it's just fun to watch.
First, we were introduced to the boba tea steamboat. Then, there's the boba tea softserve which was introduced a couple of months ago. Recently, someone came up with a grand idea to make boba tea rice.

Just when we thought we've reached the peak of boba tea madness, someone came up with another boba-laden dish that, honestly, is too much.

Introducing boba beer.

The Boba Beer Series is the brainchild of local bar The Beer Factory, who calls them "the matchmake of the century".

The bar launched four different flavours: Butter Beer, Guinness Milkshake, Strawberry Lime Cider and Watermelon Beer.

According to The Beer Factory, the Boba Beer Series is concocted using several different type of alcoholic beverages. For example, the Butter Beer uses Japanese beer Kirin Ichiban, the Guiness Milkshake is made with Guiness Stout (like, duh) while the Strawberry Lime Cider contains Apple Fox Cider.

The Watermelon Beer, meanwhile, uses Tiger beer - with a generous amount of boba, of course.

The Boba Beer Series is available at all The Beer Factory outlets in Malaysia (except for Kota Kinabalu and Cyberjaya) for RM28 per cup.

We honestly don't know what to feel about this. Do you think the whole boba tea trend has gone too far?

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