Nestle Plans To Release Sugarless KitKat Chocolate Bars Soon

Good news for your health.

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Nestle Plans To Release Sugarless KitKat Chocolate Bars Soon

Coming soon to a store near you.

Have you ever eaten unsweetened chocolate before? Never even heard of such a thing?

Well, now you can soon find out what it tastes like because Nestle is planning to introduce it in the near future.

According to a report by AFP-Relaxnews, the Swiss multinational company announced a new KitKat bar that is made entirely from cocoa fruit, without adding any sugar to it.

As opposed to the discarding the pulp of the cocoa’s pod which is a common practice in making chocolates, Nestle plans to include the naturally sweet pulp to eliminate the need for sugar.

By turning the pulp into powder, they can add that as a sweetener instead of refined sugar.

To make things more interesting, Nestle has promised that the new process has “no compromise on taste, texture and quality.”

Japan always get the good stuff first.
So, when can we expect this healthier KitKat to hit stores?

Well, according to Nestle, the new chocolate will first be introduced in Japan later this year while the rest of the world will get to taste it in 2020.

Let’s just wait for it!

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