An Exhibition With RM80mil Worth Of Jewellery Is Coming To Malaysia

More money than we can earn in a lifetime.

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An Exhibition With RM80mil Worth Of Jewellery Is Coming To Malaysia

Bling everywhere.

Do you like to see expensive, sparkly things? Always liked marvelling at jewellery that you probably can't afford?

Good news: you can get to gawk at all the expensive jewellery at this upcoming jewellery exhibition.

All the blings.
Hong Kong-based jewellery brand, Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (TSL), will be bringing the TSL The Expressions of Love Exhibition to Malaysian soil for the first time.

Taking place from 6-11 August at Pavilion KL, the exhibition will feature pieces from TSL Jewellery’s enchanting collections that are worth over HK$150 million (MYR80 million)

Radiant Plumes Boulder Opal Brooch
These collections include the Rare Opal collection, which features some of the rarest Opal gems in the world that reflect on the vivaciousness and vibrancy of women today and the Tourmaline & Paraiba Tourmaline collection that captures the essence of precious, everlasting love that every woman deserves.

The Heritage Collection
The Heritage collection is a testament of TSL’s outstanding reputation in fine jewellery making which through the decades became the brand’s signature classic headlines whilst the Estelle collection sparkles and delights like stars on an expansive night sky, much like the love story behind the collection.

A piece from the Estelle collection.
According to TSL, these collections are "dedicated to dazzle and delight with each of their unique stand-out pieces that fit the theme of TSL Jewellery’s expertise in high jewellery making". 

In layman's term, it basically means that when you wear these jewellery, you'll look like a million books - like, literally.

The Duchess Earrings.
So, if you're into jewellery, go check out the TSL The Expressions of Love Exhibition from 5 to 8 August at Pavilion KL, Kuala Lumpur or 9 to 11 August in Gurney Plaza, Penang. 

There will also be a Jewellery & Fashion Styling Show at Pavilion KL from on 6 to 7 August and 9 to 11 August featuring the spectacular TSL jewellery donned by models, so here's your chance to view 'em bling blings in person. 

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