Did You Know That Kiwi Fruits Contain More Vitamin C Than Oranges?

One whole kiwi fruit each day is all you need!

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Did You Know That Kiwi Fruits Contain More Vitamin C Than Oranges?
Did you know that Vitamic C plays an important role in keeping your immune system strong?

It is an essential part of your daily nutrition as it buffers your immune system to help protect against common illnesses, such as flu and cold, while at the same time providing other health benefits.

This includes promoting oxygen supply to the body, rejuvenating and repairing cells and organs, like the skin, bones and brain.

It also helps in iron absorption, providing improved vitality and improving metabolism, which boosts both mental and physical energy levels.

Now, if you think you're not getting sufficient Vitamin C, all you need to do is consume one whole kiwi fruit and you've hit your daily intake, which is 70mg.

For example, a medium-sized Zespri Green Kiwifruit contains 85mg of Vitamic C per 100g of edible flesh, while a medium-sized Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit has 193mg of Vitamin C in the same amount of edible flesh.

Not only that, having just one fruit daily will also increase your fibre intake and contribute to good digestive health, which is also essential for good immune system.

Most of us hardly have the time to cut and prepare large servings of fruits on a daily basis, especially for those who are constantly on-the-go.

Also, we may not want to spend too much time, money and effort on different types of foods and supplements just to fulfill our daily nutritional needs.

So if that is you, here are some useful tips to help you sneak more Vitamin C into your day.

Infuse your daily water intake with fruits

We are always advised to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. But why drink plain water when you can boost your water intake by infusing fruits?

Whether in your daily water bottle or a water jug, infuse a few slices of kiwi fruit and some mint leaves into your water for at least one hour before drinking. Add some ice on a hot day to make it extra refreshing.

Incorporate more fruits into your meals

Even though kiwi fruits are sweet, there are many ways you can incorporate them into your meals throughout the day.

For breakfast, blend some kiwi fruits into a smoothie either with yogurt or milk for a hearty and healthy meal. Whether it is sweet or savoury, they also go well with starters and dishes like salads and canapés to complement meat-based dishes. You can even blend kiwi fruits into dressings and sauces.

Of course, kiwi fruits are always good as desserts, either served with yogurt, cake, pastry, salad or pudding.

Have fruit on-the-go

Last but not least, kiwi fruits are a great snack to help perk up your concentration at work or replenish after a workout session. Skip the high-calorie snack bars for some kiwi fruits and let the natural goodness give you the energy and immune boost you deserve.

The best thing about eating a kiwi fruit is that when it is cut in half, the skin acts as a natural bowl. So you just have to dig your spoon in and scoop the yummy fruit as you go about your day.

So what are you waiting for? Get a pack of Zespri Kiwifruits for your most convenient Vitamin C intake!

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