U Probably Contributed To This Very Malaysian Music Video And U Didn’t Know About It


It’s made by ‘U’, for ‘U’.

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U Probably Contributed To This Very Malaysian Music Video And U Didn’t Know About It
August is here, and you know what that means! It’s the month where we fly our Jalur Gemilang high and proud, yay! 

Soon, we’ll hear all our favourite patriotic songs (“Standing In The Eyes Of The World”, anyone?) on the radio and all our favourite Malaysian movies will be shown on TV.

This year, local telco company U Mobile plans on celebrating the National Day by releasing a music video that is sure to touch the proud Malaysian in you.

In fact, you might have even contributed to this video without you realising it! How is that possible, you ask? Read on:

The Malaysian Touch 

Titled “Only U”, the song was composed not only to celebrate our National Day, but to also celebrate the Malaysian culture as well. 

A feel-good tune about unity in Malaysia’s mixed and socially-savvy landscape, it is performed by three up-and-coming artistes: Naim Daniel, Priscilla Abby and Santesh.

The music video features the three of them embarking on a very Malaysian journey: a jalan-jalan cari makan adventure where they discover some truly unique Malaysian food and cultures, such as the classic ikat tepi.

Pretty interesting, right? Check out the video below and let us know how many unique Malaysian gems you can spot:

So Malaysia, right? But wait; there’s more!

The lyrics of the song were inspired by real comments from U Mobile users. So, in a way, YOU made the “Only U” music video possible, U Mobile users.

That’s good to show that U Mobile is always listening to you (not in a creepy way lah!) and they value your feedback.

There’s more in it for U

If you missed out on ‘contributing’ for the “Only U” music video, don’t be sad, because U Mobile plans to release three more videos – and you can be a part of it.

To contribute your idea, take part in U Mobile’s What Makes Malaysia Unique Contest, running from 7 to 19 August.

So, how do you participate in this contest? In just three easy steps:
  1. Click on this link and tag three friends + answer this question in the comment section: What Makes Malaysians Unique to U? (PS: It could be your favourite dish or the Malaysian phrases you use)
  2. Include the hashtags: #UMobile #UnlimitedFUNZ #10TIMEStheFUNZ
  3. Make sure your account is set to Public. 
Walk away with one of these.
For your hard work, U Mobile will be awarding you with Oppo F11 Pro smartphones as well as other exclusive prizes.

Contributing your ideas for a U Mobile video and go home with a brand new Oppo smartphone? Confirm it’s your best day ever!

Better hurry though, because there are just a few days left for you to contribute your ideas and win with U Mobile. You don't want to miss out again, do you?

Have all the Funz every day

The good stuff doesn’t end there. If you’re looking for a prepaid starter pack that gives you all the data you need, you need to check out U Mobile’s Unlimited FUNZ™️ prepaid pack.

It is the only prepaid pack in Malaysia that gives you unlimited data for ten (yes, TEN!) social media, instant messaging and gaming apps: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ‘PUBG Mobile’, ‘Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’, WhatsApp, WeChat, FB Messenger, IMO and Viber.

On top of that, you’ll also get unlimited calls to all numbers on the U Mobile network for just RM1 per day. Click this link to find out why you should switch to the Unlimited FUNZ™️ prepaid pack.

For more information, check out U Mobile’s website by clicking here.

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