Want A Complete K-pop And K-beauty Experience In Your Next Trip To Korea? Here's How

Airbnb is giving you the opportunity of a lifetime with this immersive K-wave experience.

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Want A Complete K-pop And K-beauty Experience In Your Next Trip To Korea? Here's How

This is your chance to meet local experts and industry professionals.

Over the years, people's travel habits are beginning to change and evolve. Instead of turning to budget hostels or hotels, many travellers now opt for homestays and bed and breakfast (B&Bs).

One of the more popular B&B chains now, Airbnb, is taking your travel stay one step further via Airbnb Experiences.

For those who are planning to travel to South Korea soon, pay close attention!

Make new friends and pick up a new skill.
Airbnb Experiences is inviting the world to ride this summer's hottest K-wave with the launch of unique K-pop and K-beauty Experiences.

With Airbnb, you can now book unique Experiences to explore Korea's electrifying K-pop scene alongside local musicians and professional dance instructors, or pick up the latest K-beauty tips from local beauty experts.

The Korean wave (Hallyu) has grown rapidly over the last few years into a global culture phenomenon. K-pop artistes are topping the Billboard charts and headlining music festivals around the world, while K-beauty brands continue to inspire millions of consumers to embrace new beauty and skincare regimens.

Meet local experts

It's like having a K-pop crash course during your holiday.
You can choose your K-wave Adventure with insider's guide to two of Seoul's hottest trends today, music and beauty.

Guests have the opportunity to learn from deeply knowledgeable hosts who are active members of their communities and love what they do.

For instance, meet Airbnb hosts Wild Waackers Battle winner Mul, who runs a K-pop dance class in the heart of Seoul's arts district, Hongdae.

Television host Cyoung is also available and dedicated to sharing her best makeup and skincare secrets with over 300 cosmetic brand samples available in her studio.

Learn how to become a K-pop star

Make your own music video.
If you're ready to realise your K-pop star ambitions, get your dancing shoes on and recreate the moves from your favourite K-pop hits! 

This two-hour session led by professional dance teacher Bryan gives students the chance to form a small dance team, get your moves on and create your own hit music video, which you can take home with you.

Alternatively, enter the recording studio and unleash your powerful vocals. Professional vocal trainer Celine will bring you through a one-on-one workshop on singing techniques before you record a song of your own.

And if you were wondering what it's like to be a musician in Seoul, explore funky Hongdae on a music walk with local musician and TV personality Zozno.

You'll learn about the history of the bustling arts district first-hand over a cup of coffee in a local cafe, then pop into Zozno's personal studio and have an opportunity to play his personal collection of instruments before catching a live music performance together.

Get into the latest K-beauty trends

Learn from the best of K-beauty.
Transform your skin from dull to dewy perfection with Melixir Vegan Skincare founder Hana, and make your own organic bath bombs using flowers, herbs and other 100% plant-derived ingredients.

If makeup is more your thing, try designing your own natural, petroleum-free lipsticks in customised shades with certified skincare specialist Victoria.

For those keen on a private style consultation and custom-tailored suits, look no further than host expert Jen, who has worked with major beauty and fashion brands for over 20 years.

Drop by for a cup of coffee and leave with your own personalised style chart, grooming tips and a brand new wardrobe.
For more information about the K-pop and K-beauty Airbnb Experiences, visit

Your dream of travelling to Korea on the most affordable and value-for-money package is now coming true! Watch this space for the now launched E-Travel Fair platform that offers a variety of travel packages made just for you.

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