Psst, Want To Watch A Live Premier League Match In The UK? Here's How


Here’s how you can ‘Kickstart Your Football Dreams’.

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Psst, Want To Watch A Live Premier League Match In The UK? Here's How
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Are you following the matches? Why not follow them all the way to the U.K.?

Football fans in Malaysia are in for an exciting time once more because the brand-new season of Premier League has officially started!

Are you ready to watch the games “live” on the match day in the comfort of your own home?

Now, if supporting your favourite teams while sitting in front of your TV screen is not enough for you, there is something better waiting for you.
This time, fans will have the opportunity to meet football legends, win limited edition merchandise and, wait for it…

Drink more Coca-Cola and win a trip to the U.K.!
Stand a chance to win a trip to watch a Premier League match in the United Kingdom live in person!

Yes! This is happening via Coca-Cola Malaysia’s ‘Kickstart Your Football Dreams’ campaign from August to October this year through Coca-Cola Malaysia’s partnership with Astro.
The goal (pun intended) of this campaign is to harness the power of football to fuel the passion and heighten the appreciation for the game, especially among young Malaysians.
Besides that, Coca-Cola Malaysia will also be giving away 5,000 one-month passes for Astro Sports Pack for free to the lucky winners!
And at the end of this three-month campaign, six grand prize winners will experience every football fan’s ultimate dream – a trip to the United Kingdom to watch their favourite Premier League football team on the field!

How to Participate

Here is what you need to do to be in the running for all the amazing prizes we just mentioned.

First, buy Coca-Cola packs that are specially marked. Then, look for the unique code either under the white bottle cap or red can tab. Finally, enter the unique code in the contest page here.

Repeat the steps above to increase your chances of winning!

It's as simple as that!
Last but not least, we are keeping the 2019/20 Premier League fever running high with 30,000 prizes up for grabs which includes limited edition Coca-Cola-Premier League merchandises such as jerseys, boot bags, and even lifestyle vouchers from Grab, etc.
Meanwhile, fans will also have the chance to get up-close-and-personal with Premier League legends.
What are you waiting for? Get a bottle or a can of Coca-Cola now and ‘Kickstart Your Football Dreams’!
Kickstart your football dreams right here.
The Coca-Cola Company is the Official Soft Drinks Sponsor for the Premier League 2019-2021, while Astro is the Official Premier League Broadcaster in Malaysia.
For more information on Astro Sports Pack, visit And for more details on Coca-Cola Malaysia’s ‘Kickstart Your Football Dreams’ campaign, check out

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