This Malaysian Girl's Real-Life Ghost Story Has The Whole Internet Creeped Out

And it was all captured on video.

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This Malaysian Girl's Real-Life Ghost Story Has The Whole Internet Creeped Out
It's the month of the Hungry Ghost Festival, and you know what that means, don't you? A lot of creepy things will go bump in the night and we'll hear creepy stories from friends and family members more than usual this month.

This is one of them.

It me, Casper!
A video went viral on social media Twitter recently, depicting a Malaysian girl’s encounters with a visitor (or maybe, visitors!) from the other side.

Grab some popcorn and turn off the lights; this ghost story will creep you the hell out.

The ghost story started when the girl, whose Twitter handle is @Alyaa_Aleraa96, decided to add hiking into her exercise routine as going to the gym was beginning to get boring for her.

She hiked up Bukit Beruang in Melaka, using the jungle path alone to get down the hill after the hike.

Three days later, the problem started.
Apparently, ‘something’ that she bumped along the way during her hike decided to ‘pay her a visit'.

When she got home at 11pm that night, she found that her house door was unlocked. At first, she thought that some of her housemates were home. When she checked, however, no one was at home.

Thinking that her warden may have dropped by to check on her house, she went back to her room without thinking too much about it.

However, when the clock struck midnight, she started hearing weird noises, like the sound of people running outside her door, door slamming, the sound of water running and the worse of all, continuous knocking on her door.

You might want to turn up the audio for this one:
Putting up a brave front, she invited the 'visitor' that’s knocking the door to come inside.

“Yes, the door is not locked, come on in”, she could be heard telling the 'visitor' who's knocking on the door.

However, the knocking continued and only stopped at six in the morning, Alyaa recounted.

It was a very long night indeed.
That's not the end of the story, friends. Things got way creepier the next day. 

When Alyaa returned home from doing her final year project outside, she found the door unlocked yet again.

At 9pm sharp, she started hearing weird sounds again, but this time, they are much scarier.

She started hearing chairs and tables being dragged across the living room, and the sounds were louder than the knocking she experienced the day before.
Alyaa said her courage deserted her that night as she started shivering, shaking and crying because her fear was real.

She decided to get out of her house and fearing what she would see in the living room, she kept her eyes closed, feeling her way around until she reached the door.

To her dismay, she couldn't open the door as it was locked. Here's the creepy part: the door has an inside lock, so there was no way anyone could've locked the door from the outside!

Telling herself to calm down, Alyaa recited some prayers and miraculously, she then managed to get the door opened.
She then ran to the nearest fast food restaurant and video-called her parents to relate the scary encounter.

After staying there as long as she could, she decided to head back to her house to pack her stuff. She also related her experience to the wardens and shockingly, the wardens told her that a similar incident also happened to a fellow student in another block.

Three wardens accompanied her to her house and when she reached her unit, she found that it was locked. She found it strange as she was sure that she didn’t lock the door in her panic to run away from the place.

To make things a little bit more creepy, she also found out that she lost the key to her room.
After searching for it, one of the wardens managed to find the key and they all went inside.

To her surprise, all the tables and chairs were in their proper place. She took all her belongings and stayed in a hotel that night.

Despite the scary encounter, she later explained that she didn’t want to tell her room mates about it as she didn’t want them to be disturbed as well.
She revealed in a later tweet that she would seek the help of an ustaz, so we hope all is fine with her now.

Do you guys have similar creepy stories to share? Do drop them in the comment section below, because we at Rojak Daily love ourselves some good old hantu story.

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