5 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About HUAWEI

Get to know the global tech giant.

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5 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About HUAWEI
When we mention the name HUAWEI, several things come to mind: their 50x zoom camera on their P30 Pro, their revolutionary Huawei Watch GT (which they say have a battery life of two weeks) and their seamless gadget ecosystem.

But did you know that HUAWEI is more than just a smartphone and gadget manufacturer? With its emerging technologies, HUAWEI is actually one of the world’s largest technology brands.

Here are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about the global tech giant:

#1 HUAWEI is one of the world’s fastest growing tech companies

In other words, HUAWEI’s rise has been mercurial. The company was ranked 285th in the Fortune 500 list back in 2014. This year, they are ranked 61st – a very impressive 216-spot jump in just five years!

With a brand value of USD8bil (RM33bil) according to Forbes, HUAWEI racks up USD109bil (RM456bil) in annual sales. They are currently ranked #97 in Forbes’ ‘World’s Most Valuable Brands In 2019’ list.

#2 40 per cent of their employees are in R&D

Trust the HUAWEI brain.
There’s a reason why HUAWEI is a front runner when it comes to introducing groundbreaking technologies. HUAWEI currently has a total of 188,000 employees as of September 2018, and 76,000 of them work for the research and development (R&D) department. So, almost half of HUAWEI’s total workforce works in the department responsible for the groundbreaking tech you see in HUAWEI products today.

Speaking of R&D, the company has spent RMB485bil (RM288bil) on R&D from 2009 to 2019, with RMB101bil (RM60bil) spent last year itself.

#3 One of their R&D offices is a 9-square-km, European-styled campus

Looks like a real town.
Called the Ox Horn research and development campus, it features a collection of replicas of European landmarks. The campus is separated into 12 small ‘towns’, modelled after European cities such as Paris, Verona, Granada and Bruges. The research buildings in these towns are built to look like famous castles, palaces, and more.

Not just that, Ox Horn also has fountains, statues, faux Italian towers, artificial lakes, and an on-campus train system! Yes, the complex is so big that it takes 22 minutes just for the train to make a round.

For a sense of just how grand the Ox Horn campus is, watch this video from our friends Thinkers Studio:

#4 HUAWEI’s 5G tech helped with the world’s first remote brain surgery

The future of surgery.
Earlier this year, a doctor in China performed the world’s first remote brain surgery. According to China Daily, the surgeon, Dr. Ling Zhipei, who is also the chief physician of the First Medical Center, performed the surgery on a patient who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Zhipei reportedly operated on the patient from Hainan, some 3,000km away from the patient who was in Beijing, by manipulating the surgical instruments using a computer and a 5G network.

The surgery turned out to be a success, thanks to the 5G technology provided by HUAWEI. Zhipei told the news portal that HUAWEI’s 5G technology “solved problems like video lag and remote-control delay experienced under the 4G network, ensuring a nearly real-time operation”.

With that under the belt, HUAWEI plans on using their 5G technology to help make people’s lives better. In fact, local Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo told the Malay Mail Online in this report that the government is expecting to roll out the implementation of the 5G network as early as the first quarter of 2020.

And it’s also important to note that our Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, made the first ever 5G video call in Malaysia during the 5G Malaysia Showcase event in April. The phone that he used to make the call? The HUAWEI Mate20X 5G.

#5 They have just launched their own OS

They now even have their own OS.
Called the HarmonyOS, it was recently unveiled at the Huawei Developer Conference in China. The OS will mirror the look of the latest HUAWEI interface, EMUI 10, and is reportedly much faster and smoother than Android. According to HUAWEI, HarmonyOS is built with the concept of “connectivity and compatibility where every device is connected within an ecosystem”.

Currently, HarmonyOS is available only on the Honor Vision Smart TV that was launched early this month, but HUAWEI is working towards making HarmonyOS compatible with their smartphones.

And here’s the cool bit: HarmonyOS will reportedly be open sourced too.
So, if you’ve not known much about HUAWEI before this, well, now you know lah.

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