The McDonald's Outlet In Bukit Bintang Has A New, Very Malaysian Name

One we are all familiar with.

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The McDonald's Outlet In Bukit Bintang Has A New, Very Malaysian Name
McDonald's Malaysia

Brand new name, same old McD

If you happen to be in the Bukit Bintang area, don’t be surprised to see the famous McDonald’s outlet there with a new name.

Don't worry, it's not a rebranding exercise or anything; it is still a McDonald's - but with a very localised name.

In conjunction with the upcoming Merdeka and Malaysia Day, McDonald’s Malaysia has renamed its Bukit Bintang outlet to ‘Mekdi’(a local slang for McD, short form for McDonald’s) to celebrate its Malaysian-ness.
According to the fast food chain, the Bukit Bintang outlet was picked for the name change because it’s the first ever McDonald’s outlet to open in Malaysia back in 1982.

Not only that, in the spirit of Merdeka and Malaysia-ness, McDonald’s Malaysia has also introduced the Nasi Lemak McD. If you love McD and you absolutely adore nasi lemak, this is a must try dish.

To top it all off, they have also started a petition via the website to recognise nasi lemak as the official National Dish of Malaysia.

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Their target is to get one million signatures by 16 September, which also happens to be Malaysia Day.

Want to do something patriotic this Merdeka month? Sign the petition here if you want to see nasi lemak get the recognition it deserves!

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