Malaysian Girl Wears Fake FILA Dress To KLFW After Twitter Dare

It's feh-syun!

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Malaysian Girl Wears Fake FILA Dress To KLFW After Twitter Dare
Twitter/Farah Wan Faisal

Slaying it, gurl!

Often, you see people posting challenges on Twitter that asks for a certain number of retweets for them to carry out the challenge.

And ever so often, the person posting such tweets get more retweets than they ask for; just like in the case of local graphic designer Farah Wan Faisal.

She jokingly retweeted a picture of a fake FILA dress with frills and polka dots, and said that she will wear it to the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW), the hottest fashion show in town, if she gets a mere ten retweets.
To her shock, her post received close to 9,000 retweets, and she has no choice but to keep her promise.

However, she had a tiny problem: she had to first find the fake FILA dress (lovingly named the 'rempit dress') in the photo.
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Luckily, her friend Adam Zainal managed to get in touch with a distributor in Kelantan who sells the fake frock for just RM18.

Having found her dress, she later braved the event with her fake dress, pairing it with light-coloured pumps and a quilted purse.

“Fashion is about being bold and brave. Challenge accepted. Reppin’ rempit couture at KLFW,” she wrote on Twitter after rocking the dress.
We have to say, Farah totally slayed. Malaysian Netizens agreed too:
How do you guys think she did? Shower your compliments in the comment section below.

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