6 Things All Mobile Gamers Can Definitely Relate To


You’re a true mobile gamer if you can relate.

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6 Things All Mobile Gamers Can Definitely Relate To

Are you like this guy?

It doesn’t matter if you only have one game – or one folder containing twenty games – on your smartphone, we mobile gamers do not discriminate.

And to be honest, we are thankful that we have mobile games to get us through a boring meeting, or a one-hour long wait for the train, or a five-hour bus trip back to your hometown.

However, there are some mobile games out there that are so addictive, we can’t seem to put down the phone for hours on end.

(Please, send help!)

If you, like us, have experienced this before, we are pretty sure that you can also relate to these six things:

#1 Sleep is just an option

Rule number one: only n00bs need sleep. We real gamers will not rest until we get that ‘Conqueror’ badge.

#2 ‘Anti-social’ is your middle name

Legit question though: why can’t we just clear this ‘Candy Crush’ level while waiting for our food to arrive? What else are we supposed to do? Talk to you?

#3 Spending tonnes of money on in-game items

Your wallet: ‘Sorry, you can’t afford that brand-new outfit that’s shaped like a melted ice-cream and costs RM49.90’.
You: ‘Too late’.

#4 Your priorities are a little bit different

Yam cha
at the mamak at 9pm? No thanks! No teh ais or roti telur bawang is more important than joining your squad mates on your nightly raids. Don’t blame the player, blame the game.

#5 You’re always lugging around at least two powerbanks

Level 30 mobile gamers will have an extra powerbank to back up the other powerbanks that you know will run out of battery.

#6 You always run out of data

…at the beginning of the month! One minute you receive an SMS saying that your mobile data has been refreshed for the month and the next, you’ve already used up 80 per cent. And the worse nightmare is when you’re battling that one final person for the chicken dinner, or when you’re in the middle of a winnable raid, when the data runs out, forcing you to quit the game in anger and cry.
If you’re a true mobile gamer, you’ll understand how frustrating it is to run out of data just because you like to play mobile games.

But what if we told you that there’s a new prepaid starter pack in town that gives you all the data you need for your gaming sessions?

Yep, that’s right; U Mobile Unlimited FUNZ™️ prepaid pack is the only prepaid pack in Malaysia that gives you unlimited data for ten apps (yes, TEN!), which includes social media, instant messaging and gaming apps.

The apps are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, FB Messenger, IMO, Viber and for all you gamers out there, ‘PUBG Mobile’ and ‘Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’.

On top of that, you’ll also get unlimited calls to all U Mobile numbers for just RM1 per day. Click this link to find out why you should switch to the Unlimited FUNZ™️ prepaid pack.

For more information, check out U Mobile’s website by clicking here.

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