Coffee-Flavoured Coca-Cola Is Finally Available In Malaysia

Drink up, caffeine addicts.

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Coffee-Flavoured Coca-Cola Is Finally Available In Malaysia

Get your caffeine fix right now!

Remember back in April when we published a piece of news saying that Coca-Cola will be introducing a brand new product called Coke Coffee later this year, and you guys seemed to love it?

Well, here's some good news: that brand-new product is now available in Malaysia!

Convenience store has revealed that they are now selling Coca-Cola Plus Coffee at all their outlets in Malaysia.

However, they did not mention if it's a limited time thing, but they did mention 'while stock lasts', so we're guessing there's going to be limited stock available.

A can of Coca-Cola Plus Coffee is sold at RM2.90 each, so it's definitely cheaper than a cup of latte at your favourite coffee joint.

Dubbed as 'a can of Coke blended with coffee', the Coca-Cola Plus Coffee was first introduced in 2006 as Coca-Cola Blak but it was discontinued two years later due to lukewarm response. 

Then, in 2017, Coca-Cola Australia released Coca-Cola Plus Coffee into the market and received a better response.

According to the soft drinks company, Coca-Cola Plus Coffee has more caffeine than a can of soda, but less than a cup of coffee.

How many of you are gonna grab a few cans later after lunch time? Let us know what it tastes like in the comment section below.

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