Ladies, Get Excited: The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Now Exists!


The eyeliner is here to save the day (and time!).

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Ladies, Get Excited: The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Now Exists!
ISTOCKPHOTO via Cosmopolitan

This will be the perfect 'weapon' for your eyes.

Girls, putting on your eyeliner can be a nightmare, and you’ll often end up spending almost an hour just to get that perfect winged eyeline or end up looking like a panda after several attempts to ‘correct’ it.

You’ve tried endless products and are constantly on the search for the perfect, fuss-free eyeliner.

When you realise you went a little overboard with the eyeliner...
Well, your prayers may just have been answered because the perfect eyeliner now exists.

Japanese make-up brand Kate Tokyo has recently launched the KATE Super Sharp Liner EX2.0.

So sharp, it’ll cut your fingers

Time to go makeup shopping, guys...

OK, we’re just exaggerating; but it is still pretty sharp.

The new eyeliner has a super-fine tip that glides smoothly for a seamless finish, thanks to its Spun Thread Technology that was jointly developed with Pentel (yes, the stationery company!).

So, you can only imagine how precise and sharp this eyeliner can be (we actually think it’s sharp enough to cut out the haters from your life).

Let them keep on hatin' on ya.
The new KATE Super Sharp Liner is actually an upgraded version from the all-time best-selling Super Sharp Liner EX, so you know it’s good stuff.

Here are some of the features that make the KATE Super Sharp Liner EX2.0 your perfect companion:
  • Multi-faceted cuts: The new nonagonal pen is designed to provide a firm grip to make drawing lines more stable
  • Made with Tsumiho bristles: The brush features densely filled bristles to enhance the firmness of the tips
  • Long-lasting: The eyeliner is strong enough to repel sweat, water and tears
If you’re an existing user, just imagine how good it’ll be since it’s already an awesome product, considering that it is made and imported from Japan.

A colour for every mood

The eyeliner comes in three shades – Jet Black, Bitter Brown, and Natural Brown.

Each shade is bold and deep (probably deeper than your love for your boyfriend), has a fine finish and lasts longer than your last relationship.

Did we also mention that it’s water and sebum-proof, so you don’t have to worry looking like a train wreck by the end of the day?

The eyeliner is also perfect for lazy bums like you and us, as you can easily remove it with some warm water because honestly, who enjoys spending a good 30 minutes wiping and rubbing off their makeup until it complete comes off at the end of the day, right?

Wipe, wipe, wipe, until it's gone.
So ladies, it’s high time you try out the NEW Super Sharp Liner EX 2.0 now at Watsons, SASA, and AEON Wellness stores in Malaysia. You can also purchase them online on Hermo or Lazada.

For more information, check out their official website by clicking here.

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