Meet Herbee, The Happiest Hedgehog In The Entire Universe!

Look at that smile.

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Meet Herbee, The Happiest Hedgehog In The Entire Universe!
Instagram/Mr Pokee

Putting a smile on your face.

Have you met the world’s happiest hedgehog?

If you haven’t, then you must follow this Instagram page for adorable photos of a hedgehog called Herbee, nicknamed 'the happiest hedgehog in the world'.

Just take a look at his smile and you'll see why:

Smile like you mean it.
The Daily Mail UK reported that Herbee, who always seem to be grinning, was first introduced to the world by his owner Talitha Girnus, from Wiesbaden, Germany, alongside her older hedgehog sibling, Mr Pokee.

Sadly, Mr Pokee died earlier this year, but the Instagram account remained active, with Herbee taking centerstage.

In fact, the cute little hedgehog has fast become the next big Instagram influencer, as his Instagram account has grown to have over 1.5 million followers.

Just a ray of sunshine.
The followers mostly love to watch Herbee’s adventures, from Austria's Altaussee to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Italy.

Talitha, on her website, said that she wants the page to remind people "to never lose faith, because the world is full of magic and not a bad place after all."

Herbee be loving the beach.
You totally got us there, Talitha. If you guys want to start your day with a dose of Herbee magic, remember to follow him on Instagram by clicking here.

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