IKEA's New App Allows You To Furnish Your House Digitally With Augmented Reality

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IKEA's New App Allows You To Furnish Your House Digitally With Augmented Reality

Decorating with technology.

We know exactly just how tiring it is shopping for furnitures: you would have to measure the furniture to make sure it fits the space but most importantly, you would have to also check if the furniture matches the colour and theme of your house.

Well, with IKEA's new app, you don't have to worry about those things ever again.

Saves so much time and effort.
AFP-Relaxnews reported that the app, aptly called IKEA Place, allows you to see how an item from the store would look like when placed in your home.

According to the report, the Place app was actually launched two years ago, but it has now been upgraded to help users decorate their homes by using the augmented reality technology.

What this means is that the app now allows a space to be adorned with multiple products from the store, instead of only one at a time.

Now you see the chair, now you don't.
So basically, you can just decorate your bedroom using the app, and with that, you can then head over to IKEA to get the same exact furniture.

That way, it eliminates the headache of going to a physical IKEA warehouse to look for the suitable furniture one by one before you decide which one to get.

Another feature that comes with the upgrade is the ability to point your smartphone’s camera to a furniture you like, and the app will then recommend you similiar IKEA product options. How cool is that?

If you like decorating an empty space, you can try the app for yourself by downloading it from the Apple App Store or Google Play!

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